Monday, October 30, 2006

Xterra 2006

I have a motto; I don't run, I don't swim and I don't bike, but I always show up for the party! This year was no exception as I didn't even bloody volunteer! Anyway- the Xterra post race party has become quite the annual event in my social calendar. Evidently I'm not alone as Nancy asked a couple of beefy German athletes yesterday if they had come to Maui specifically for Xterra, they replied "Nine-ve came for ze party"!
A nice local touch.The pygmy, the shim and the devil in the blue dress meet again! This guy was lit up like a Christmas Tree. Hysterical, his mingling skills were limited to the length of his extension cord found defty dangling between his legs!
Look what I found underneath a Spaniards tutu! Quite a nifty little place to keep your scripps and emergency $10.00!
Oh my.......ride'um cowboy!

I was generously treated to luxury digs & nosh at the Four Seasons by Nancy and once again Jami brought me under his wing (despite my being a no-show at the scramble)! Thanks kids-I had a blast.


mater70 said...

AS always, brilliant pictures and comments - but WHERE was your sense of adventure in the costume department??????
You know the expression someone only a mother could love? well it certainly applies but you are usually wicked!!!!!!
I think the Christmas tree is my favourite - so tasteful, although the bucking bronco comes a close 2nd :-)
Nice to see Jamie is his usual shy, retiring wallflower self - guess he's just not a party animal?

mater70 said...

Sorry not to see a picture of the Germans - this Mater70 got quite excited at your comments :-(

Anonymous said...

was that dude really hung like a horse?

ps. sorry.

Sharon said...

Chastised by my own mother for not being naughty enough?!-you are too much mater70! BTW-that's not Jami but our friend Ben. Though Jami would not have disappointed you as he went as a stripping policeman!

Hung like a horse? Oh that's a good one and all I can say is 'in my dreams-yes'!

mater70 said...

Am I allowed to ask what you're supposed to be? I can see the face tattoo, the palm frond and the lemon ensemble - are you trying to be a Mauian banana?

cammar said...

1.5 Km swim + 32 Km mountain bike + 10 Km offroad run... and these guys still have the energy to party till 2am?!? And some of them might have even got lucky!


mater70 said...

That is such a wistful comment GP - "I remember in the olden days"
never mind, you can still have your memories :-)

meesh said...

I love your costume shaz. What I love more is the way you are able to pull it out of yer arse every time. The day before I don't think you had a clue what you were going as right?? Good job, I wish I was as creative! But I love the Unicorn more. Wouldn't have minded a ride on that one!!