Sunday, November 20, 2011


6:20 am and despite the web saying 'calm' the wind was already on the surf.

Of course the cat's at Kanaha don't give a shit about the conditions, just the perch opportunities.

A higher vantage point seems to be the order of the day, rise above and get a new perspective.

These guys are dialed in seasoned veterans and can play in anything.

Exhibit A, something out of nothing.

It's the real thing.

As is this, which is not two trees, but one taking the concept of branching out to a whole new level.

Spoil sports.

That's more like it.

Peace, love, ease and flow. Over and out.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

No rain, no rainbows,

Heading down the hill to work.

At work.
Heading up the hill.

Haliimaile turn off.

Makani turn off.

Did you make your wish?

As a little postscript, Ulles sent me this link with the note "31 plus million hits for this shit, and you probably saw three today. God help us."