Sunday, June 23, 2013


Yes it's laborious, but you savour the mangosteen juice so much more when it's squeezed by hand, in the company of a mangy dog sitting in the kitchen and you're three tim-tams short because it's a communal fridge.

And when you don't want to labour, have someone else whack the top off a coconut and enjoy the water with lime, ice and the easy company of two of the loveliest people I know.

And when you've had it with the juice and the conversation has dried up, there's always the Bintang to get things going again.

Clocked off, responsibility free, anonymous and happy, that about sums up how I felt on Bali.

Time slowed way down with the days unfolding in to an easy rhythm that nurtured, soothed and restored parts of me that were floundering on Maui.  From day one, an imperfect ease, an acceptance of what is took residence lifting my spirit and fueled by the joys of the day, the simplicity of my existence and the sweetness of my surroundings. 

Not to mention the constant amusement, such as the local kite and surf shop.

And the love, laughs and brilliant connection with my most excellent travel companions.

On my last day the weather was bleak and as we walked back from dinner with the rain lashing, the lightning streaking and our umbrellas blowing inside out, it just felt like another perfect moment of surrender.

With a long layover at Incheon International I took full advantage of their facilities, including miming at the player piano. Play it again Sharon....."with pleasure"!

Back home and with a south swell pumping, I parked after work and looked at the large incoming set's. Compared to Bali they didn't seem that big, but I knew it was still way too big for me to even contemplate. But guess what,  I went out anyway and sat on the inside observing and grabbing the small stuff and that my friends, is progress.

One small step for man, one giant step for mankind.


Leedslass said...

Well, I didn't understand a word in the first picture!!! However, the rest show what a wonderfully relaxing holiday you actually had. Hope it's staying with you now you're back to the grind.

Gil said...

I've been checking for new posts from time to time and don't find any. Have you now stopped blogging? I hope that all is well with you.