Saturday, April 29, 2006

All creatures great and small.

I was cutting flowers in my garden a while ago and came across this perfect little fellow. Hard to know his bum from his head......not unlike some people I know!.

The webs we weave.

A spider started to make a web in my house, 'cool' I thought, I'll take his photo for the blog. As I'd turned off the lights and headed to bed I walked into the web, fuck fuck fuck, really anoying for both of us. I was peeing and happened to look in the bowl (as one does) and there was the spider stroking his way to nowhere. 'Cool' I thought, an even better photo for the blog!

Was it the blazing flash of my paparazi ways or the fact that he was swimming in my pee that made his six little legs go limp after 30 seconds? I was fishing him out with the empty toilet roll tube (handy coincidence) and thought 'I was never going to flush'! I lifted him out of his watery grave when all of a sudden that little fucker came to life-faker! He swam his way to safety and up the side of the bowl to a place he knew I wouldn't go-the rim.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck, now I'm gonna have to flush him or the little bastard will make his encore during my next pee. What a dilema.

So I slept-dreaming he'd make his great escape during the night and morally let me off the hook. This morning I looked for him while peeing, then I flushed. I was concered I'd see him getting carried away, but children the moral of my little story is, of course, that I was the one who got carried away. Hence, no photo.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Peas time

I am deliriously proud of my garden. The latest tasty morsels to grow themselves my way are (drum roll please) The Peas (ta-da). Let your imagination wander and yes, the sweet flavor & crisp texture are just what your palate expected, but better, coz I helped a wee bit.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's that symmetry thing..

I know-it's wierd, why does this satisfy me?

Character study.

I was in Makawao looking for bananas when I saw Eddie packing up his painting stuff. He's a character always worth spending time with. We happened to see each other surfing a few weeks ago and he doesn't just have one piece of duct tape on his board...the whole front end looks like a home made silver bullet-it's classic. He's a cool dude, if you want to see his etchings (and trust me you do) check out By the way-I went home bananaless.....

Spring has sprung.

The seasons are subtle on Maui, but once the Jacaranda trees start to unleash their lavender flowers, you know it's Spring.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Great balls of fire.

Symmetry pleases me, it just feels good. I pass these sugar cane fertilizer holders every morning on my drive to work and have a little inner satisfied moment.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Our intrepid young stand-uppers (Michelle & Giampaolo) head off toward advenutre & tomfoolary, leaving the rest of us to enjoy more placid beach activities.

Ahhh the french...

It was Frankie's birthday and with this smooth pooch wonders who's french kissing who?

Puamana five-0

OUTSIDE! Frankie & big Mike deftly bringing up the rear. I'm a naff surfer...& I don't care so long as I laugh and have fun . Sunday I think I laughed out loud on every wave-a good sesh in anybodys book.

Lost in translation

Me, Danny & Michelle are Brits and this is just a fricking funny pici to anyone who speaks the Queens English. Apologies to the rest of you.

Famous & infamous.

Evidently bachelor #1 is some famous windsurfer dude. I'm up there in years so only know those of Robbie's era. However bachelor #2 I do know & while he wasn't in the last issue if Windsurfer magazine, in fart ignighting circles he is a god!

Sunset beach.

We used to have a ritual up at Julie & Eddie's Kula shack, to stop what we were doing at sunset and step out on to the deck & enjoy a moment. It connected us as friends and within ourselves to a place of contentment. It's a time of day that I find myself offering appreciations to myself & those I'm hanging with for all of our good fortune.

Did you get my best side?

A willingness to throw yourself under the bus for a laugh makes a good friend in my book. This post BBQ pose is nothing compared to the sillyness that my friend Giampaolo is willing to endure for a blog post. I can assure you, you 'aint seen nothin' yet!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Palm Sunday

nuff said........

The Branch Office.

I like quirky things, so when I saw this today I had to take a pici. Next time I'll make sure to go into the shop and see wazup. Perhaps they're selling trunks, artificial limbs or leaf blowers?

It's a sign.....

You can take the girl out of England....

Ok-ok I know this is a bit narcissistic, but I promise the only reason this pici is here is because I wanted to use it for my blog photo, which had to be somewhere on the web. So here it is.