Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Mum.

Well here she is . …..Mater70 circa 1937 (aka Anne Paley).

I dare say Mum isn’t feeling as perky today as when this pici was taken. She’s just come through her third stroke and is doing amazing well. Still, when you’re feeling a bit off some TLC and good loving attention can go along way on the journey to wellness.

So even though I was just there beating her with a stick to walk, I wish I was there now fluffing her pillows and making her tea. Instead, I’ve done what any good daughter would do and put my Mum’s naked bum on the blog!

My wish is for the Universe to cut my Mum some slack and give her back her good health. She’s been a good girl and with the exception of cream buns, quit all things bad for her, so the reward of wellness would be greatly appreciated.

I love you Mummy. Take it easy, drink lots of water and don’t over do it.

If you’ve read this would you please leave a message for my Mum as she thrives on positive attention (don’t we all) and repsonding to your comments will be good for her addled brain!


Ely from NYC said...

Mater dearest,

I wish you the best of health, happiness and hope (the three h's--to bad orgasms don't start with the letter h--hirsuitness does, but that's for Michelle and Ulli's blog!). Maybe you should move to lovely Maui for your recovery and we can all take real good care of you for a little while--as for me, only 4 times a year!

Much love,

future ex son-in-law

George said...

Hmmm, lovely bum. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

Lano said...

Get well soon mater,

I am not sure about commenting on your naked ass, circa 1937, maybe you could send one from say, late 50's maybe? Then I may not be incriminating myself if I make a lewd comment,

You go girl, make the most of every minute!

Anonymous said...

I see that bum runs in the family. Sounds like this morning's episode was a minor setback. Soon you will be back on your feet and I expect visiting Maui for a cup of tea with Sharon and me. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and return to Maui to bare that bum once again on the beaches here.


Anonymous said...

Through my tears I just want to say thank you to all my surrogate offspring on Maui (apart from TG, you can be my surrogate brother)- I know I'm getting on in years but not that much!! By the way, I was born 1934 so I reckon that must have been taken early 1935. The bum, alas, has gone way down south since then BUT in the 50s it was extremely perky.
I feel terribly cheated as I have given up alcohol and fags since turning 70 and then, bugger me, strokes jump out and bite my bum (so to speak). However, they've all been small so perhaps that's my reward for giving up what I used to think were the "good" things in life.
Finally, don't think I shall make it to Maui again - the insurance is too astronomical for one thing - but you never know - perhaps when I'm 80.
Look after Sharon for me, thank you for being there for her.
Love to you all
Mater x

Nancy said...

Mater - Mater - Mater!!!

the plan is working...I think I have Sharon ready to get on the next plane for another visit.
Shhh....don't let the cat out of the bag.

I hope you have a quick recovery..We all love you and wish you the best. I'll keep Sharon distracted doing my work so she wont worry to much.

Question...with that bum of yours...what happened to Sharons??

cammar said...

Three strokes and still able to type witty comments on a computer keyboard?!
Mater, look at the glass half full and you'll see that you are blessed...
Good luck with the recovery!

PS. I second Nancy's question...

meesh said...

Mater, the "Rony" poster worked a treat for my recovery, if it will do the same for you I am happy to mail it on ... though I think it does get the heart rate going (!) Hope you feel better very soon ... meeshx

nikinpos said...

All my best wishes Mrs Hodgepodge. Get well soon, I'm sure sharon needs you to send her jiffy bags full of the best yorkshire teabags and suchlike!

Anonymous said...

Right Sharon, time for a wrap on this bare bum. BUT, wasn't I a beautiful baby?
My thanks to all of Sharon's correspondents for being so kind and leaving me humour on her page -I love having my funny bone tickled and you've all done that in one way or another.
I can manage without Ronaldo, thankyou Miche keep him for yourself - I'm more of an Alan Ladd or Tyrone Power person myself!
Now how many of you have heard of them. TG, you're not allowed to enter that particular competition!

Nancy, keep the girl at work earning pennies (or dollars)- I need time to recover from the visit.
Nikinpos that woman's an Earl Grey fan - such a waste but it leaves more Yorkshire teabags for me.

To comment on Sharon's bum, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think hers is lovely - but mothers always think well of their offspring don't they. Something about rose-coloured spectacles comes to mind here.

Again, my thanks for all your entries I've LOVED being the centre of attention:-)

Mater xxxxxxxx (one each)

cammar said...

Now, in napolitan we say:"ogni scarrafon e' bell a' mamma soja"... and I let Nikinpos translate that...

Anonymous said...

Don't leave me in suspense N. - what the hell is GP saying?

My final word on this picture, don't my feet look dirty? It's the first time I've noticed that - bet my Mum didn't realise , she would have been mortified!!

Mater x
Sharon, time to put me to bed:-)