Saturday, June 30, 2007

In mint condition.

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OK-so it’s not exactly David Attenborough and Planet Earth, but I did manage to capture a little wild life action in my garden last week. These two were at it for so long I just weeded and planted around them and they weren't bothered a bit. Lucky me :-)


Nancy said...

Did your neighbor hear them and turn up their TV? :-)

Anonymous said...

More importantly, did you learn anything that might be of interest to GP - or whoever he/she may be?

Mater x

Bill said...

Nature porn. Class is in session, start taking notes!!

Sharon said...

Mrs.B: That's hysterical, truth be told I'm quite proud!

Mater:I'll pass on the details of my learning curve if ya don't mind :-)

Bill: Nature porn-it's all fun & games until someone gets their head bitten off or dies post coitus!

Lano said...

This needed a Barry White soundtrack

George said...

These are Monarch butterflies of the type that migrate from Canada down to Central Mexico every winter. Interesting that they are also in Hawaii.

Did they relax with a cigarette when they were finished?


cammar said...

Once I saw two cockroaches doing the same bum-to-bum thing.
For some reason it didn't look as nice though.