Monday, January 29, 2007

High Surf Advisory. High Wind Warning

A wind advisory means thats strong winds of 30 MPH with frequent gusts above 50 MPH are expected.
High surf warning remains in effect until 4 PM HST along North facing shores will be 30 to 40 feet through Tuesday.
The perfect storm for the first man out to get some attention....and why not, this shit was radical. The bluff was packed with pros and as always I got a little star struck seeing Robbie hanging out. What's with the peculiar rush most of us feel when we see a celeb? Anyway, tomorrow is going to be sick, and I'd call in sick to watch it, but as I just took a four day weekend........Bollocks.

PS: I don't thinks the photo's do the conditions justice, so if you want more evidence here's a video.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Does anyone have the time?

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'into the future......
Cheyenne & I were talking about time and he was reminding me what an amazing commodity it is. As I work & own a house, the majority of my time is connected to responsibility and the minority of my time is spent on play (though oddly I don’t think of it that way). It’s prompted me to look at my time and how I choose to spend it.

I’m always espousing the virtues of balance and how important that is to me. However upon closer inspection, I’m only examining my ‘after work’ hours and those lack some serious spontaneity! So as I enter the last week of my 45th year on the planet, it will be interesting to see if I can hold this thought and act accordingly. Time will tell……..

Man of the match

Ok-Ok-I know it's a little unfair to show this clip without a receipricol link to Sebastians blog of my boobs flapping in the wind. However, as my boobs aren't on the web (as far as I know)and after watching a video of Diego Maradona last night, I was reminded of this gem and placed it inbetween two bland posts so as not to give it too much attention!
Meesh- I think he should make it to the big list!

The same, but different.

It’s a good thing when you look at the same thing over and over and you still get a hit of bliss (as with the clip above)! Such was the case at Kanaha a few weeks ago when the colors where a perfect tropical picture.

It was the same thing at Hookipa tonight, I love sitting on the knoll and watching the show.....never a dull moment.
Here's 'cousin itt' tearing it up! We had whales swimming by, friends stopping by and always there's a baby or a dog to entertain between sets, tonight there was both. This is without a doubt one of my favorite ways to transition from late afternoon to evening. Same place, different cast, always good.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Nice Weaseed.

I’ve inherited the peculiar habit of letter flipping and I know I’m not the only one. I was in the gym the other day and a local dude had a
t-shirt that boldly proclaimed “Duck Fat” which I found pleasantly amusing.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Attitude of gratitude

My Mum had a health hiccup this week that wasn’t (to put it mildly) pleasant and I’ve not been feeling up to snuff for a few weeks. Good grief-how the internal dialog can quickly turn against you if you’re not vigilant! I’ve been mildly preaching to Mum if she finds herself in the negative zone to come back to gratitude. So today on my bike ride I took my own advise & listed all the things I grateful for (which I do quite often), this particular jump was for “I’m really grateful I have friends who discuss the joys of a pee-jibe”! Actually it was “I’m really grateful Pino Danielle is playing perfect theme tune music on my i-pod”.

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Upon my return to Rice Park I was grateful to see kids, dogs & adults playing the old fashioned way……the kid in the cardboard box is my new hero!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Calling all wordsmiths.

I was half listening to the radio the other day when my ears pricked up as the words ‘bonkers’ and ‘phor’ came wafting across the airwaves. It turns out the Oxford English Dictionary is resorting to the British public in the hopes of receiving help in the origin of some modern day words. They have a colorful 'appeal' list of words whose origins are uncertain or unknown. The inventory of their most wanted words is classic and reminds me of the list you’d create for someone who is leaning British-English and wants to sound like a native. They include; mucky pup, tosser, prat, dogs bollocks, wally, kinky and my personal favorite, wazzock!

Now, my Queens English is a bit rusty but here goes; I had an ‘ex’ who I originally thought was the dogs bollocks, but it turned out not only was he a mucky pup but he was also a real kinky prat. Bloody hell, I was a total wally for liking him, thank God I woke up & dumped that tosser, what a wazzock!

In an efforft to redeem myself (yes-that's my traitoresque household dictionary above) I just signed up for the OED's word or the day service-todays word is 'verify'. Bloody hell-not exactly the dogs bollocks.....

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Funny as shit.

Ahhhh the joy of a public bathroom. I’m lucky enough to have the key to our executive washroom, along with about 20 other women that work in our building. It’s an OK basic place with no frills, two stalls, two sinks, a mirror. paper towels and a door stop. Yet there are many silent (and some not so silent) agreements connected to this inner sanctum. For example, if someone is in a stall having a poo and you’re just in for a pee….the pee-er exits as quickly as possible to allow the poo-ee some privacy. Another; So as not to offend the mystery occupant of stall #2 (no pun intended) raucous farting is not encouraged. Interestingly however, if a wayward fart does escape it is often followed by a polite “excuse me” from the rule breaker to her fellow in-mate. Finally (and an agreement broken more often that you’d think) flush the loo when your done!

It had been bugging me for a while, that every time I used the bathroom I had the following dialogue with the sign above. “It’s not dispose of it, its dispose of them”. As if that wasn't enough, recently as I entered my favorite stall I was assaulted by the flagrant violation of the “must flush” rule. Good grief…. I darted next door and whist mid pee another girl entered and had the same close encounter with the mystery stool. Poor cow, she has no choice but to bravely flush - breathe and enter.
Clearly the girl was quite traumatized because upon my next visit, this sign was now staring at me from the back of the door.

Now these notices were just not working for me, so I decided to call in a professional. I surreptitiously removed the two offending notices and mailed them to the only other person I knew would be so offended, he’d have to upgrade them! Let me introduce our hero Paul Chamberlain. Paul as young man, while riding in the elevator of his apartment complex would remove the mundane “Bingo -this Thursday in apartment 4C” sign. Then he’d pour his creative genius in to pimping the sign & making it something Vegas would be proud of, replacing it back in the same place as if nothing had happened. Brilliant-absolutely brilliant.

Whist officially retired from his vigilante work I knew he’d rise to the occasion and these two works of art are what now reside in our bathrooms.

Three points of explanation;
1. On the uniform of the bio-hazard chick is our company logo-an inspired touch.
2. For those who don’t know ‘Kokua’ is the Hawaiian word for aid or assist-a fantastic play on words.
3. The fine print under poo-poo-a reads “Juvenile and culturally insensitive yes, but funny none the less"

No shit.........

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

No rainbows.

It’s easy to get used to everyday things even if they are beautiful and special. Maui rainbows are plentiful, yet they have a magical quality which keeps the ‘taking for granted’ beast at bay. I remember growing up being really excited by the marvel of a rare rainbow and the thought of seeing the end of one was elusive and well…..impossible. Yet here on Maui they are fat and accessible, to the point that driving home tonight I felt like I drove from the ‘front’ to the ‘back’ of this lovely natural wonder.
I have a rainbow maker in my bathroom. It has a small solar powered cell that’s supposed to turn the colored cogs and wheels to make an indoor rainbow. Great idea- poor execution, the little cell gets all fired up and then just splutters and clicks not turning the modest crystal as was shown on the instructions. No worries, I’ll just keep looking outside my window…….

Monday, January 01, 2007

Before and after.

I confess I'm a closet fan or 'before' and 'after' photo's. So I bring to you my New Years Eve & New Years Day looks!

Here I am with the lovely Michelle Crompton. Michelle is wearing designer Ross and a bit of fur from my dress up box. I am in Banana Republic with Aloha swap meet bracelet and necklace from Granny!
Martin hosted a fabby evening complete with sparklers at midnight.
You can dress us up, but you can't take us anywhere ......which of course makes Michelle an excellent chum in my book!
Which brings us to 'after'! Here I am Jan 1st 2007 in full tea making mode with my new Dominic the Donkey slippers. "Oh jigerty jig eeeoorr eeeeorrr it's Dominic the donkey" my Christmas prezzie received just yesterday from none other than my good pal Michelle!