Monday, January 29, 2007

High Surf Advisory. High Wind Warning

A wind advisory means thats strong winds of 30 MPH with frequent gusts above 50 MPH are expected.
High surf warning remains in effect until 4 PM HST along North facing shores will be 30 to 40 feet through Tuesday.
The perfect storm for the first man out to get some attention....and why not, this shit was radical. The bluff was packed with pros and as always I got a little star struck seeing Robbie hanging out. What's with the peculiar rush most of us feel when we see a celeb? Anyway, tomorrow is going to be sick, and I'd call in sick to watch it, but as I just took a four day weekend........Bollocks.

PS: I don't thinks the photo's do the conditions justice, so if you want more evidence here's a video.

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cammar said...

That's the Swiss sailor Pascal Bronnimann. If you send me the photos, I'll forward them to him.

Actually I'll forward you his email, so that you can do it yourself... just in case you like blonde dreadlocks... ;-)

Nice shots!

chris said...

Happy birthday in awesome weather conditions, Sharon!!!
Great pics and video(!), merci!
I would call in sick, a 5th day off and kona... what's wrong with that?!

Ely from NYC said...

Now we're talking!! AWESOME! Looks like king neptune has given you a wonderful birthday gift!

Speaking of which, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



Sharon said...

Thanks Gents: I forgot to mention each time a brave soul went out, it was not for long! It's usually me (the spectator) that heads in before the sailor...not yesterday!

mater70 said...

Wowee: truly awesome waves (a phrase I picked up from my daughter) - in English: "oh gosh, my word". Doesn't have quite the same ring to it!

One more day off won't do you any harm - life's too short - enjoy.

Sorry Ely, just noticed I stole your adjective.

Lano said...

Great photos Sharon, that video looked scary too......

Nancy said...

um, Sharon, if you take another day off I shall doc your pay...big time!