Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You tube fest.

I have no life right now as I'm redecorating. The delirium of paint fumes and my partiality to hamsters makes these snippets particularly entertaining.

And in case you're the last person on the planet to have missed seeing the Otters, here they are.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday, bloody Sunday.

A definite friend perk is having chums who come to town and stay beach front. Such has been our luck and this last Sunday Oly & Renata hosted a magical beach BBQ complete with full moon, fire pit, fish cooked to perfection in banana leaves, musical interludes and great company.

CHRIST -here's a visual for what my not too distant future holds, boobs down to my waist! Note to self, shoulders back girl, shoulders back.

The lively pre BBQ entertainment began to take an awkward turn...

....but the mood sobers as GP enters his fourth chorus of Kum By Yah.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Massage Therapy

It’s Monday, it’s busy and there are lots of deadlines on the office table, so what’s the best course of action? It’s a no brainer, bolt promptly at 12:30pm and head to the spa, leaving our trusty slave “Good Afternoon Trading Place Maui this is Corina, I have to do everything” in charge! My faithful business partner Nancy and I soaked, steamed, scrubbed and massaged our way through three hours of naughty time off.

We resurfaced refreshed, rejuvenated and just in time for the office to have already closed!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Mater, I think I've found you a fella' !

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nerve Gas.

Ok - so everyone has been moaning and groaning about the bloody price of gas and I’m here on my soap box to get something off my chest ‘YOU’RE ALL BLOODY SPOILT’!

Listen I know jack shit about how petrol gets to the pump, but this is my guess. First you have to find the bloody stuff under the crust of the earth and that can’t be easy. Then they drill a big damn hole in the ground or the sea and some how suck all that good juice out of our mother, which (lets face it) must be there for a purpose other than making my truck run. Then it’s transported somehow to somewhere probably through the Suez Canal in some big bastarding ship as we all cross our fingers it doesn’t run a ground in the most pristine of shorelines. Ship to shore….. more pumping and lets not forget the whole oil refining bit that makes it into our precious elixir petrol. Then, more dangerous moving of flammable liquids on autobahns & motorways with whole families in mini vans zooming by, to end up delivered to your local gas station.

And all this for $4.21 a gallon………boys and girls you should all be on your knees in thanks for the bloody deal of the century. I’m not pro oil - I’m just saying lets all have a little perspective.

I suspect I’m not alone when standing in line thinking ‘ooh that’s a bit
pricey’ when ordering my grande- two pump -vanilla -half decaf -half regular -no foam -cup of draino that I still willingly pony up $4.25 for. Now THAT’S something worth bitching about!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Beach dog.

Let me state the obvious, living on Maui we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches. The one I frequent most is Kanaha and I always feel sorry for tourists dropped off by the cheesy cruise ship cable car bus. I suspect 99% of them have the idyllic ‘lay down and read whist getting a perfect tan’ beach picture in mind, and not the ‘get sand blasted with 25 knots (gusting to 30) this feels like shit’ reality.

It’s more a water sport, wet suit, grab your gear & go type beach and I love it for that reason as there’s always something good to watch, like ME for example!

Moving down the coast to another beach I saw this. Talk about being dog tired, that's exactly what the owner of 'Max' must have felt after pulling his Collie back and forth on his very own boogie board. The dog really did not want to get it’s paws wet or his fur ruffled and stood stead fast whilst being yanked over the low tide rocks.
BTW- according to doggiewoggie.com the top 3 names for dogs in the UK are Max, Ben & Buster while in the US it's Max, Buddy & Rocky. But wait, here's another little known fact, Barking Sands Beach, on Kauai is known for its unusual dry sand that squeaks or "barks like a dog."
Jesus, I'm losing the will to live from the shear boredom of my own blog.........

The End.

Pau hana.

All day Thursday I felt a bit odd at work and decided pau hana, a bit of fresh air was in order. So I headed the trusty Ford south and perched my arse on a rock to soak up the last few rays of the sun.
Not unlike this little fella’ and we had front row seats to a great show.

Is it just me or do you see one body, four limbs and three fins? I can’t untangle the knot... can you?