Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pau hana.

All day Thursday I felt a bit odd at work and decided pau hana, a bit of fresh air was in order. So I headed the trusty Ford south and perched my arse on a rock to soak up the last few rays of the sun.
Not unlike this little fella’ and we had front row seats to a great show.

Is it just me or do you see one body, four limbs and three fins? I can’t untangle the knot... can you?


Anonymous said...

What does Pau Hana mean? Did you drive all the way to Hana just because you felt "odd" at work? That seems pretty stupid if you did to this anxious Mum, what a hell of a drive if you felt "odd".
Whatever, I'm a Mum and I'm allowed to worry.
I loved your seascape and I may try and transfer it to canvas. The surfer in the last picture, to me, looks like the three-legged Manx symbol.
Mater x

Lano said...

The body boarder looks like a human ninja star!

Nancy said...

Aw, Sharona....I should follow your lead and go to the beach after work....looks fantastic...

nice pic's

Sharon said...

Mater: Pau Hana is like saying ‘after work’ and no, it has nothing to do with Hana the place! My God I’d have to be feeling very odd to so that on a school night!

Lano: waaaaa-pahhhhh (body board ninja sound).

Nancy: We like go after our spa treatments next Monday....?! Book'um early sistah!