Sunday, April 27, 2008

Self amusement.

This poor little chap had fallen in my recycle bucket and I extracted the price of a photo shoot for his release.

Ah the guillotine, those were the days! This pici just makes me chuckle....

As does this one.....note to self, must buy larger swim goggles.

"Mr.Cammarota, the Doctor will see you now".


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics, great to see always, Sharon!

Much love,


Lano said...

In Australia, if Mr GP was wearing those socks he would be wearing sandals, not faux pas accepted!

Sharon said...

Bunty: Always a pleasure and it was great to get to know Brooke better too. Doesn't he have lovely teeth?!

Lano: Socks and sandals....dude no wonder we shipped you lot off to a place where we wouldn’t be offended by your fashion ‘don’ts’!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,

Amazing teeth, you're right! Quite the thoroughbred, that Brook! Sorry about the poor punctuation in my last post. Ok, you can call me Bunty. I forgot I told you about that story!



Anonymous said...

Love the way you take your pictures. Off with his head, whilst you sit knitting on the sidelines. Can you knit by the way?
GP has such a manly way of checking out his camera. Hope that's not the camera the Proctologist is about to use! The legs could do with a waxing.

Mater x