Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun in the sun.

Sitting on top of a liquid world with my Gopro instructor.

Not too confident yet with the paddlecam.

Getting there...

Must remember to smile!

Easy does it....

White water SUPing.

Charging toward the valley.

Ahhhh much easier!

Meanwhile, I swear there's never a dull moment with Ulli & Michelle around. Let's hope there's no need for "a clean up on isle four"!

Pick a nose....any nose.

Guaranteed this will be Ulli's new Facebook profile picture!

I heard of a recent study in the UK that said about two thirds of women are totally uninterested in their everyday schedules. Shocking! They blamed their job, their relationships, lack of holidays and never ending chores. Good grief ladies, take some responsibility, make some new choices and start having some fun.....oh and you might find a good place to look for support is with a new bra!


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Love those nose beakers - brilliant.
It's OK for you to rabbit on at ladies who moan but just remember you live in paradise - would you feel the same living in a terrace house in Harehills?
Re. your comment about the bras - your mother buys hers from Fit to Bust at Chapel Allerton - very
expensive but beautifully fitted:-)

Mchumbie said...

Looks like all are having fun again!
I know it's a Mum thing, but after clicking on your "Bra" link, I'd be more incined to take note of it if they had managed to spell the heading correctly!

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

I hadn't clicked on to the bra link but, like you, "their/there"
jumped straight out at me.
Frankly it was so long I couldn't be bothered to check for any other errors! Getting lazy in my old age.

Mchumbie said...

Thanks Anne, you just proved it's a Mum thing!

Anonymous said...

The lack of proper spelling is really appalling when it comes to a rant on bras! Breasts are almost as important as brains are in our present society or as the value of the local currency. They (breasts)should be given their proper form fitting shapes to hold them. Do I have to tell you about my last girlfriend and the fitters on the lower east side of Manhattan?!?! Don´t push me! Yes, I am obsessed, but that´s ok. I must say, ladies, there are so many shapes and sizes out there, when you find the right´s heaven....or so I´m told. And that goes for you, Michelle, and for you, Sharon!

Erik said...

Nice gopro - pictures!