Saturday, May 16, 2009

Upcountry to sea level.

This little house always looks so idyllic to me. It's actually part of the Tedeschi Vineyard property and I suspect it's appeal is partly due to it's age and construction. I miss very little of mainland life, but homes made of bricks and mortar can make me quite nostalgic. My house in comparison feels like one constructed by the three little pigs, it's all wood and sticks - a flimsy affair that the wolf could huff and puff and blow it right down.... if he wasn't busy with Red Riding Hood.

I popped over to the winery not to sample their wares, but to photograph the extraordinary Jade plant in bloom. It's conveniently located on a lovely arbor above their public loo's and for the record, Tedeschi has excellent latrines. It's always such a pleasant surprise to find a bathroom that someone has put thought into rather than provided by necessity. I shall have to add them to the website! TG: Take note, you can add this application to your iphone!

And while we're on the subject of toilets, take a moment and enjoy these fantastic creations. 

Sunday afternoon I perched on a cliff with a Jack Russell (whose name escapes me) and waited for the Olukai stand up paddle board armada to come by. Trade winds are your friends in these races as they push you from behind, however, we haven't seen those for about 2 weeks so peeps who did the race knew it was gonna be a slog from Maliko to Kanaha.

Cape Maliko-T minus 30 minutes.

90 or so paddlers were out on the water, including the amazing Michelle Crompton who despite a gammy knee and carpel tunnel syndrome made it look like a doddle. There was also Danny (what an athlete) Keevil, who'd been out on the piss 'training' the night before until 1am. As he drank his post race Coors Light he said "it's a sports drink," and inhaled deeply on his fag, I can't say he didn't earn either one. 

MChumbie here's your girl and three of her many fans, Melanie, our star, Renata and moi. Meesh even came first in her division of 35-39 on 12ft -ish board, nice one Cyril! 


Mchumbie said...

Thanks for the photo of our star, doing what she does best. She never ceases to amaze. Well done Meesh! I believe the downwinder had a strong headwind - does that make it an upwinder.......
Loved the jade flower too.

meesh said...

Jeezus, I look like I need a sports drink in that photo. Thanks for the photos and credits again Shaz :) You know who I get it from don't you? No need to look further than Mchumbie :) Love you mums :) xx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely diverse blog Sharon, I even took a look at but I don't use Charmin - I'm an Andrex girl myself.
Lovely cottage and jade flower, how come you never showed me either of those when I was with you? The cottage looks good enough for the Chelsea Flower Show which is on all this week in England. If you want a taste of home there must be a web page somewhere.
Well done Meesh, despite the crumbling body, you're a star. No wonder Mchumbie's a proud Mum (we Mums do tend to thrive of love and attention).

Mater x

Anonymous said...

Didn't have time this a.m. but I had a look at the loo seats and I know exactly what I want (not) for my birthday present Sharon. The rose seat - so tasteful.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Wow, that looks like work. I am a bit top-heavy for that but the scenery is great.

Anonymous said...

I'm busily trying to paint that cottage you showed in this blog.
I decided against the jade flower because, although it is beautiful, no one would believe it wasn't a made-up picture!

Mater x