Tuesday, May 05, 2009

You tell 'um Charlie.

To quote Stephen Fry "The Prince of Wales doing a webcast? I never thought I'd see the day!"

From now on I'm going to say 'issue' like 'tisssssue' and I love how HRH brings the scope of the deforestation problem to a level that the average Brit can handle "they are being destroyed at the rate of a football pitch every 4 seconds". Bloody hell mate-now I get it!

At the risk of sounding like a public service announcement.....for more information on the Prince's Rainforest trust you can visit his website www.rainforestsos.org. 


Lano said...

I saw this video this morning and nearly choked on my weeties! Charles was unconvincing and as for his sons, the Ranga and the prince of flirts, what were they thinking, I reckon they need a new publicist! Hilarious!

Go United!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Ah bless Lano. I know he's a bit of a relic but his heart is in the right place and I don't doubt his sincerity. It is a bit cheesy at the end I'll grant you that.

As for you young man....what am I going to do with you? I was just waxing lyrical to Mater how I have to make it through the day NOT finding out any UEFA scores until tonight (we tape and watch later). No BBC website, no Radio1, no facebook because Lano's such a die hard fan his enthusiasm spills into the keyboard and DAMN! There it is a huge almighty piece of info on my own bloody blog-LOL.

OK- I'll tell you what I'm gonna do-I'm gonna lighten up coz it's just a game and I never want to curb anyone's excitement.

Lano said...

I dont know how you can avoid football results for so long, living in such a Euro / South American / US, sports mad society. I will refrain from anymore United gloating until well after the event in future :(

Hmmmm This Chelsea vs Barca clash is intriguing though.....

Anonymous said...

Lano and I would have gone to war in the olden days - he'd have been a Roundhead and I a Royalist.
I can see where "throw another shrimp on the barbie" Australians don't see royalty as anything special but the majority of English people still love having a royal family. There's that comforting element of continuity about the senior royals. I don't necessarily enjoy the antics of the younger ones but they'll grow up and gain some gravitas eventually.

Mater x

Lano said...

Thought my slant on the royals might have touched a nerve, sorry if I have offended. The average joe blow aussie doesnt really give two hoots about the royals. We here are a divided lot, one side pushing for a banana republic and the other half full blue bloods, me, I sort of slip in the middle, after spending the best part of my early teens living in ole blighty in a traditional naval household in Fareham!

I did have a childhood crush on Eugenie

Anonymous said...

Hey Lano, didn't know you were originally a Brit although with your sense of humour I should have realised. The Yanks don't seem to understand the word irony!

You didn't touch a nerve, the majority of us are totally understanding as to why you wouldn't want to be allied to the UK and royalty when you are thousands of miles away. I think you have to live with them to appreciate them (so to speak).

Not sure about your taste in Eugenie though, hope you've grown out of that particular crush. I
would have thought Zara was more up your street.


P.S. Re-reading your mail, perhaps you only lived in the UK on a temporary basis in Fareham and just maybe you're an Aussie through and through. If so, commiserations. LOL

Sharon said...

Lano: GO UNITED!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I'm up to speed now and FYI will be watching Chelsea v Barca tonight.

I'll see your childhood crush on Eugenie and raise you with a growing fondness (on the pitch only) for Rooney! There's no accounting for taste....

Anonymous said...

OMG Sharon ANYONE but Wayne Rooney.
He's been caught in brothels with GRANNIES - your taste, surely, is better than that.

Now I'm a Beckham babe myself!

Mater x

Lano said...

Poor Chelski :(

Sharon, Rooney? You are kidding right?

Sharon said...

You owe me a pint for spilling the beans again before I'd watched the game yesterday I'm going radio silent May 27th you can't be trusted!!

Also please note fondness for Rooney is 'on the pitch only'. He's fast, accurate, generous, hard working, versatile and of late had a good 'tude -he's a bloody good player in my book.

More good games this weekend - phew it's all go!

Lano said...

I am more than happy to buy you a pint or two Sharon, I was going to do that anyways! But, young lady, I cannot be held accountanble for you recording and watching games WELL after the games have been run and won! I will be more mindfull when talking on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Walking down the street, driving in my car, sailing.....sheeeesh!


Anonymous said...

Beware Sharon's temper Lano, it could even be smack bottom and sent to bed without any supper.

Sharon, not a clue where you get this football thrill from - definitely not your Dad or brother. I love my rugby and golf so maybe you have got one of my more simple genes? As long as it's not the addictive ones I don't mind. Or, damn, you do tend to get addicted to some types of men.........

And on that note I sign off for a few days whilst I am touring the beautiful Cotswolds. Look forward to playing catch-up on my return.

Mater x