Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An assortment of thoughts.


I've been dating different stand up paddle boards to find 'the one' that I have chemistry with. So the little one foot surf (of late) on the South side has been a perfect learning curve playground for me.

It's what I do with any significant purchase, I try all my options before making a final decision so I have no doubt that I made the correct choice. It's a carbon copy the attribute testing I recently went through with the camera. How heavy is it, can I manouver it easily (on and off the water), do my feet like the decking, is my balance easy and of course how much does it cost. There won't be a second date with this particular board but I had fun while we were out.

As I rested my paws post paddle, I thought about the ironic Craigslist post I'd just replied to. Months ago I tried a Hawaiian Island 10' board that has since been the standard I've measured all others by. A few days ago that exact board was on Craigslist and I answered the ad as I knew who it belonged to. I asked the owner if he was willing to give an 'exwife' discount and of course he wasn't. The universe gave me the board I wanted but with the joke of attaching it to a man I used to be married to! It was/is all amicable between us, but still I noticed a little voice in my head saying "ya know-he was always bloody stingy, so I'm not giving him the satisfaction of paying full price". Evidently arguing for my limitations worked a treat as I made a low ball offer and didn't hear back from him!

So in my purchasing journey I've got a few more boards to try and amusingly I'm now entertaining the idea of buying the same board my 'ex' is I am willing to pay full price, just not to someone I feel I've already given enough of my money to!

Enough of that, lets all stick our noses into nature (but not where it doesn't belong) and take a good long gander at her scrumptious perfection.

My goodness me, what would I do without her?

This is a leftover pici from Hana, a salt and pepper beach in the making and talking of pepper.....

......I didn't do it!

Exactly Cozmo, nap time.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Be careful as you wax eloquent about the wonders of nature and wonder how she gets it just right. That could be sticky for a professed atheist. Your Mother Nature could be some dyslexic's Dog you know.

meesh said...

Lovely post Shaz.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a boring book you were reading on the beach "The Future of Love" - what the hell is that all about?
Lovely floral pictures but you know me and flowers. Can't you buy the board full price from someone other than the "ex"?
I'm rather fascinated if and how you're going to reply to TG's comment.

Mater x

Sharon said...

TG: It doesn't really matter to me who's a Dog lover and who's a Darwinian. So long as we all take care (as best we can) and appreciate this amazing planet we live on...lots more common ground (me thinks) than sticky

Meesh: Thanks chuck-great to share chips last night :-)

Mater: Far from being boring it talks about the reality of todays relationships verses the fantasies & myths attached to marriage. Step away from tradition (if that doesn't work for you) and seek that which does.

No idea where the board will yet come from, but it will come!

Anonymous said...

Your comment about sharing a plate of chips with Meesh immediately conjured up a picture of Homer Simpson thinking "chips mmmmmmmmm".

Who spilt the pepper?

Mater x