Sunday, April 19, 2009


Gee whiz; how does nature get it so perfectly and wondrously right every time? Ti and bananas anyone?

These beautiful taro fields are on the Kaenae peninsula. Coincidentally yesterday (4-20-09) the State House Agricultural committee passed a bill which places a five year moratorium on messing with the genetics of Hawaiian taro. Hurrah!

I had some friends that lived in the Islands for a few years whose previous home had been New York. I remember them being flabbergasted at the plants growing wild on the side of the road in Hawaii that they used to pay $20 per stork for from the florist in Manhattan. Case in point, the roadside heavenly Heliconia.

Here is a shot of roommate #1 that captures the tranquil and sweet nature of the lovely Maurizio.

On our hike to the falls I kept asking Dario (roommate #2) if he wanted his picture taken and at his constant refusals GP finally countered " oh come on....per la mama"!  Being the young buck that he is he was the only one willing to suffer the crushing chilly power of the falls and finally asked for his photo to be taken. We all agreed Mama will approve of this one - Jesus Christ, she'd better!

It’s always fun to share your favorite spots with others, so we exposed our Italian friends to the Dumo di Bamboo. There are moments of awe, reverence and intensity as the light fades and floods through the forest canopy. There's also another peculiarity that I'm sure isn't mine alone, but for me it's not possible to go there and not have this damn song in my head at some point!

You see, now it's started... that thing that happens where everything I look at reminds me of a song. Dinner comes accompanied by Thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy....

Trivia: my first boyfriend was called Michael Waterfall......there's a song that goes with him too, but that's just too embarrassing to share!

As I started my journey home I stopped by Laulima Farm which is a privately owned fully off the grid organic farm in Kipahulu. Want a smoothie? No problem, just jump on the bike located conveniently in the middle of the stand and pedal like hell to make the small generator attached to the bike send juice to the blender. Oh beloved genius! These guys are the real deal and I had the best latte I've ever tasted there, seriously, that I've ever tasted  hmmmmmm.

Here's a side of Maui you don't get to see very often, it's her glorious and beautiful backside. 

That little ledge at the bottom of the cliff is the road. At this part of the drive it's not even paved, just a dusty, pot holey, organ jangling, teeth clattering dirt road surrounded by the vast panorama's that are a stark contrast to the lush greenery of Kipahulu.

And when your wheels hit the tarmac again ahhhhhhhhhh what a sweet moment that is. There was a simular photo on the wall at Maui Coffee Roasters for years that I always loved and so this pici is my homage to the creator of that wonderful snap.


Anonymous said...

This series of pictures conjures up so many memories of our short, very wet stay in Hana and how you finally took me to see the "backside" of Maui which Dad and I never dared explore in our rental car.
I didn't know Kate Mosse had brought out a new book - Amazon here I come. Love the picture of JC under the falls and I just wonder whatever has happened to Michael Waterfall? Don't worry, your secrets (those that I know anyway) are safe with your dear old Mum.
I didn't realise you would remember the Newcastle upon Tyne ditty of "You shall have a fishy etc." I would have said you're more a "On Ilkla Moor b'ahtat" girl myself.

Mater x

charlie said...

Whoever built that road must have been quite drunk at the time!

Anonymous said...

I've just had another look at your blog and stupidly clicked on to "here" in your bamboo picture.
Me Old Bamboo is trilling merrily in the background as I write!

You're a clever little monkey when it comes to words and music :-)

Mater x

Mchumbie said...

I have absolutely no comment to make on the photos of your roommates....

meesh said...

Come on MChumbie, spill it!!! :) I've hiked that gorge, mountain goat style. Lovely pics Shaz, I've got to get to Hana before Sept!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

I was going to make a comment on the sobriety of the folks who laid out that road but Charlie beat me to it. Certainly the back side of the island is very different from the sand beaches we are used to seeing. You make us aware of the great diversity of Hawaii. Amazing.

Sharon said...

Mater: Only know the ditty because it was the theme tune to "When the boat comes in"!

Charlie: I now declare this road renamed "Mai-Tai Highway".

MChumbie: Oh drat - just when it was getting good. If it helps, they live in Italy and Australis respectively, so you'll never meet them!

Meesh: Why am I not surprised that you have crawled around on all fours, repelled, jumped, swam and legged it around da Gap. Mountain Goat Meesh has a nice ring to it!

Anonymous said...

Please may I have a translation of the Kate Mosse book? Ta muchly.

Mater x

Mchumbie said...

No, I refuse to be drawn into another foot-in-mouth situation! The Hana photos are really great and do bring back memories, as your Mum said. I also loved the La Perouse bike ride - must do that next time as I've only cycled from Meesh's to Baldwin before. Are you free next March?!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've joined Sharon's blog site - now I shall not be the only one who is a foot in mouth putter innerer. Do you think it's a "Mum from England" thing?

Anne x

Mchumbie said...

Probably an age thing, Anne! I've checked Sharon's blog for a while for the great photos of Maui and occasionally got a glimpse of Michelle. Not often I make a comment though, but will look before I leap in future!

Mchumbie said...

Just seen comment from GP on previous post. So either I was right first time or he's good at bluffing.