Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ticket to Germany.

He's a wild & crazy football hooligan who can barely contain his world cup fever. Judging by the level of enthusiasm, England must have been playing!


Blanca and the rabbit, what a team. They magically hopped by work the other day and made my day. Fantastic....

Koki afternoon.

Giampaolo swears the dog was shifting his weight back! He definately enjoyed the ride as he didn't even attempt to jump off the board.

Papa & son having a Sunday afternoon blast. They took turns on the board (along with the dog) and taking pictures of one another from the water-I've not doubt they got some killer shots.
There was a pod of spinner dolphins that hung out all afternoon crusing back & forth.
Water shooting from his ass......? Darn it's off the flipper, that would have been a unique skill to own! A picture tells a thousand words, these few give you an idea of a magical afternoon at Koki beach.

A van with a view.

This was the view from our dry yet palatial accommodations....aka Giampaolo's new/used Dodge Caravan, "it's a bit dodgy" said he!
Breakfast of champions. Between Italy’s #1 wafer & a cup of PG Tips (in the new full flavor triangle bag) I was officially a happy camper!

And now for my next trick.......

Ulli (being the multi talented chap that he is) sets himself ablaze & then extinguishes his own flames!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Camp Hana.

Timber....... on the way to Red Sands beach everything ends up in the ocean, including this tree & the gravestones from the cemetry above.

After their European dive-off, look how happy are Giampaolo and Michelle are in their blue lagoon.
Not content with her previous performance, here's Michelle with her specialty....a backward Crompton with a full hair flip.....9.5 from the British judge
Peter took us upstream for a late afternoon pool swim. The daredevils (that's all these fuckers except me) got in touch with their monkey genes swinging, back flipping, bombing & belly flopping on the rope swing. I on the otherhand breast stroked around in circles and worked on my tan! Coming along nicely don't ya think?
Our commute home....
Full service camping. Peter brought his shisha, what a delightfully civilized way to enjoy an after dinner smoke.
To be continued...........

Friday, June 16, 2006

The sunset.

I’m a sunset girl (who isn’t) and was out on the lanai of my film festival hideaway to snap the evening colors, but was drawn to this image over the obvious one. Good grief…..I am so lucky….I get to view the sunset from any spectacular vantage point I choose every night. That's being rich in my book...

The great outdoors.

This is the screen at the sky dome, one of the excellent outdoor venues for the 7th annual MFF.
I like the movies and was in a rental place with Giampaolo a few years ago and he said” you know, all the good movies are in the foreign section”. Hallelujah! That was what I believed too but could never find a buddy who would endure subtitles. Cosmic humor, as now (due to English being his second language) we watch all movies with the subtitles turned on!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Splash dance.

"How do ya do this Ulli?" asked Mike as he took the long board out for a spin. Just like that Mikey, just like that!

Birthday girl.

Tess Moretti Hill turned one today. Here she is with her lovely sis, Tosca.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The dark side of the moon.

After dancing the night away at Ray's birthday bash, I was putting the key in the door at 1am and looked at the moon before crossing the threshold. Competitive-moi? I'll see you're night time Napoli pici and raise you a full moon!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dinner with da Wilson's

Guess which slippers are mine?!
When I last saw Cody he was about to graduate high school and he was thinking long & hard about the tattoo he was going to get. So when I saw him last night-it was a great excuse to get him to take his shirt off! I'm not much of a tattoo girl, but I thought Cody's tat really suited his body and therefore it was attractive to me.

Hard to say which one was Thomas & which one the Samurai warrior.
Old school: Sabra, Kim & I have looked under a lot of stones together. Kim and her family moved to the mainland to put humpty dumpty back together again, and she's getting there! We were painting buddies and had a weekly date that juiced me up in a particularly fulfilling way. We painted again this trip and the flow of that same delightful energy came right back.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jackson chameleon

I was weeding my garden this morning and use a few old trash cans to hold the rubbish. I went to fetch one and look who I found inside! I said out loud “oh my word you’re a beauty”, I was as excited as any little kid would be.

He's a young male and must have fallen into the can. There was no way he could have got out by himself, I also think he must have been there a while because he's quite thin.

Jacksons were accidently introduced into Hawaii in 1972 and are pretty common here, though I haven't seen one around the property in a while. Eduational bit: They use their eyes independently & sit completely still watching for a prey item to cross their path. When one is spotted, both eyes will converge and it will sway a bit to better its vision and to confirm the distance to the meal. Prey is captured by projecting the tongue, which is one and a half times the lizard's length & can reach full length in a sixteenth of a second. NICE!

Off he goes........
Don't worry I didn't leave him on the deck, I got a stick & carried him to a tree as I'm sure he was starving. I was so happy to spend some time with this little fellow :)

and then there were five...

You know you’re good mates when in your absence the remaining ‘friends’ launch into delight at roasting you! Such was the case at dinner last night. Our chum Giampaolo is a notoriously tight bugger which is totally groovy as he’s also an excellent cook. Therefore dining out is not normally one of our group activities and as our personal chef was away, the Sushi orders kept coming! We had some good laughs at his expense but when the bill came it was at ours.......I could here his laugh all the way from Napoli!

Not too shabby...

Seemingly out of no where-there was the most amazing sunset. I called Michelle to be sure she was looking and even though she was mid shower I urgently told her to step outside, which obediently (towel-soapy hair and all) she did. The neighbours were evidently torn between two stunning views, good job sistah!


My wonderful friend Carol is 8 months preggers and shown here with her Mum chums whose bellies she wishes to emulate. On that theme, we all chipped in and bought her a four wheel drive stroller. No pressure there!

As good friends do, we all made a model of what we think Carols baby will look like. Women can be so cruel....!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Gardenia jasminoides veitchii

I walked out onto my back deck this morning and hey presto; nature had conjured up another miracle, two blooming gardenias. My bedroom is now filled with their lovely fragrance (as well as mine!).


I found this beauty on the way to the bathroom at work. I was worried as I took his photo he was going to fly away. However, as my periodic requirement to pee took me on the same route, the poor litle bugger was still there. By the end of the day he'd blown into the corridor and was clearly dead as a dodo :-(