Saturday, March 14, 2009

The (not so) beautiful game.

I’ve been watching a lot of footy lately; it must be a latent British gene similar to the tea drinking one that didn’t rear its delightful Earl Grey head until I was in my mid 30’s.

Now don’t get me wrong, just because my viewing hours have increased - in no way has this transferred into actual knowledge as to how to play the game. In fact I watch a game now the way I always have done– with a proportionally balanced lack of knowledge for the rules and a ‘people magazine’ type interest in the players. Does that make me any less of a fan....not on your nelly. I drive home and salivate with the knowledge that I’m going to be watching Milan v Juventus or Man City v Chelsea. I oft think 'God there's so much more I could do with my evenings', but watching 22 men run after that ball for 90 minutes is consistency hard to beat. Good grief ( I blame Giampaolo).

With my current diet of at least two or three matches a week I sit on my couch eating dinner, enjoying a glass of wine and wondering ‘how hard can it be to run, pass, strike and fake injury for 90 minutes’? A naive question I know - as I rarely work out for more than an hour at a time and get puffed out after 20 minutes of running (ok maybe 15)!

So one ill advised afternoon I grabbed my dirty rarely used football and went to the park to see what those lads are actually made of . Ladies and gentlemen, my answer was all too apparent ‘sterner stuff than me’! Let me put it this way, the first thing that hurt was my big toe nail and I know how to kick a football!!!

Meanwhile, in honor of his extended stay in Milan, Beckham got a new tattoo!


Tulsa Gentleman said...

The photo of David Beckham tells me all I need to know about your interest in football. Go girl!

Anonymous said...

That was so funny BUT when you scored your goal, where were the back flips, the robotic dancing or even a simple grabbing of your balls when sliding on the grass on your knees?
You're getting there, slowly.
Mater x

P.S. you also forgot to spit and clear your nose with your fingers.
Such delightful habits - not.

meesh said...

Shaz, you're fkin hilarious!

Lano said...

I too have been getting my footy fix lately. What with my beloved Adelaide United cruising through Asian Champions League, Making the Grand Final of the A-League (losing...again) AND....Manchester United in various cups and championships, its all just ramping up, actually it never waned, lucky we dont have foxtel (cable) I would be a dole bludging, windsurfing, footy watching couch potato......what a great idea? :)

Sharon said...

TG: He's easy on the eye's that's for sure, but he's also a great player. His passes are amazingly accurate and I'm loving his game maturity. Did I mention he's easy on the eye's????

Mater: Opps you're right I forgot all the gobbing and grabbing, you'll just have to wait for the squeal!

Meesh: I think it's a case of too much time on my hands.

Lano: Tell me about it! I get Fox Soccar (Barclay Premier League & Serie A) plus ESPN (UEFA) so talk about spoiled for choice. My poor Netflix account is gathering dust.

Hey did you all catch Beck's torso tatt?????!!!!! Take another look if you didn't......

Lano said...

Thats gold Sharon!

Anonymous said...

What a wally I am, I've just enlarged Beck's picture and do so admire his taste of neck hanging.
However, beware Victoria's beady eyes - see what became of Rebecca Loos when she tried to tempt The God. RL is confined to the pages of history after her two mins of fame!

Mater x

charlie said...

I have had a football free life,3 brothers not interested in it and never a footy man in my life.

Lim said...

Wow! Sharon, what did you do to get Beckham go over your place and pose for your photo shoot...

skurp slurp..


Anonymous said...

OMG I'm thickerer than......
Your mush is staring out at me under David's left boob all the time and I thought I was clever to see the pendant! Definitely time to make another appt. at the opticians!

Mater aka Blind Pugh x

Sharon said...

Lano: Thanks mate, I was quite pleased with the handiwork.

Charlie: The audiences are just as amusing to watch as the players. God the Brits are a rough lot to look at compared to their Italian counterparts (well compared to any counterparts for that matter) but they do clap nicely and keep the stairs nice and clear!

Lim: Great to hear from you. Becks didn’t come willingly, he came via the internet!

Mater: You’ll never be able to think of him the same again :-o