Sunday, March 08, 2009

Beauty supplies.

Half way up the mountain (aka Haleakala) the conditions are perfect for growing protea. There are lots of different varieties, but these bright and beautiful pinsushions grabbed my attention. 

A floral Sputnik on steroids. Not keen on the yellow or red variety ?? No problemo.....

..... e voila!

Back home I gave Cozmo bonus points for his feline creativity in fnding a spot that wasn't wet.

In contrast, half way down the mountain are visions like this which are so frustrating. No one should ever be allowed to make another plastic bag again....ever. Sharon's new rule: if you need a plaggy bag just drive by your local landfill and pick one up.

I can let the trash bum me out, but we all know everything has its purpose. Without those ugly plastic bags would we see the glory of the protea? I wonder if everything was perfect in our world, would we still find something to whinge about? The contrast is what makes us grow, appreciate and fine tune our existence into that which is pleasing to us. 

Take two: I can appreciate everyone who threw away those plastic bags because without them, I would not have had that startling wind blown vision. Which in turn wakes me up to be a more conscious recycler and allows me to cherish nature even more than I already do. Mo bettah.

Beauty is in the eye...and all that.


Anonymous said...

It's such a shame you're my daughter, I'd sing your praises on high. But you are, so all I can say is a very dignified Bloody Good Blog and, as always, your photographs and writing par excellence :-)
If the recession bites you can always give up the day job and photograph and write.

Mater xx

My verification word is VATIFE: which makes me think what a good word for my Jewish day centre friends i.e. VATIFE it rains today? or VATIFE we have bagels with our chicken soup!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Vatife they find out you're not Jewish? Oh that's you're the token gentile. Thanks for your words of praise Mummy :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so surprised you haven't received more comments on this post. Perhaps it's just me with the veil over the eyes where you're concerned?
However, I'm soooooo impressed by the vision of you in the eye - a bit like beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!!!!
Oi vey, others have no taste :-)

Mater x

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Sharon! It is the least I would expect from such a shayna madeleh like yourself!
See you again in a few weeks, right after pesach!

Ely from NYC

Anonymous said...

Being the honorary gentile at the Jewish centre, I know what pesach is BUT what are you calling my daughter Ely?

My Jewish friends are brilliant at teaching me various words and regaling me with their stories of their background(s)- we learn from each other which is good when you're a senior (never too old to learn).


Sharon said...

My friend Rick had a Yiddish/English dictionary that I'm feeling the need of about now.