Saturday, February 28, 2009


Friday night brought the band together, we have Ulles on Uke, Ely on drums and Banjo, Giampaolo on bass & Chico on guitar.There was also Gary on guitar and lead vocals, plus Petra, Messh, Juan and me on percussion. What a bloody racket we made, super fun!

Here's Meesh looking like Jake Shimabukuru but actually playing 'air uke'! "And why the winter hat"? I hear you ask..........see below.

Not only has Meesh been wearing her winter woollies, but rumor has it for kiting she's also been double wet suiting and is still cold! Fark - we are all complaining about the winter chill (right now 65f/18c) and after living here to 20 years I finally broke down and bought.......

.....a heater! In fact I'm warming my toes by it as I type.

Meanwhile, here's my lava lamp (or is it a former boyfriend in formaldehyde) just getting warmed up! And while we're on the subject of juvenile humor, here's Steven Fry's latest twitter entry: In the meantime I'm childishly amused by waiter who's just told me about promotion: in his accent "two vodkas and you get a turd free"! With thanks to Mr.Fry, the word 'twazzock' in now firmly entenched in my vocabulary.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I may bring my djembe drum and come to join you.

Sharon said...

TG: If you haven't already seen it, rent 'The Visitor' it's a terrific movie staring the djembe drum! You are a man of hidden talents :-)

Anonymous said...

This entry sends me running to google to see what a djembe drum is!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,

I'm sitting here Monday morning, with 8 inches of fresh snow on the ground, school is closed for the day...It's a snow day! Damn! I could have stayed an extra day in Maui!!! Reminiscing about the two weeks on Maui and our musical soiree, what a great holiday and great night of music! Looking forward to doing it all again when I get back, starting April 9th....

Almost burned the inside of my nose! I was reading your lava lamp comment while taking a sip of my Maui Mountain Coffee from Olinda! Yikes, that was a close call!

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Looked up djembe drum and don't think my neighbours would be pleased if I tried one out. However, it is a female so not sure she would like her bottom spanking!
You should call your lava lamp Steve - I seem to remember you've had one or two of those!!!!

Mater x

Anonymous said...

have been meaning to comment that I do love Michelle's hat - it suits her.

Mater x

Anonymous said...

Just popped in to see if you had updated and listened to the banjo music for the first time. It's lovely. The only banjo music I kknow is "when I'm cleaning windows" or "with my little stick of Blackpool rock" by George Formby. There's a slight difference!!!!!!!!!

Mater x