Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daniel you're a star.

Yesterday, Danny threw himself the all time 'fun for everyone' birthday bash. He rented 'Da Big Wave' flow rider for an hour, so all his mates could come and be humbled one by one, over and over, and over again. Brilliant.

The line up was mellow, maxing out at about 10 with no one dropping in, no one giving stink eye and everyone politely queueing up to have their fill of water time. Ahhhh but if it were only as civil in the real world.

whoopsy daisy.....there goes Meesh.......

Giampaolo showing his grit and determination.
Big Simon and his butt crack.

Wixie looking like a pro.

The WAG's were out in force.

oooooooohhhhh, down goes Ian.

You go girl! Equal opportunity fun for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Doh.......there goes Ulles. I could show you all the good shots but all the landings are so much more entertaining! It was hard to exit this thing gracefully, which of course makes it all the more amusing.

By George I think he's got it!

And just in case you doubted that this was anything short of big fun, here's Dao to convince you.

While the flow rider kept everyone entertained before dark, that was only the warm up act. After a few pints of Guinness it was off to the chicken shack for a good old fashioned p.a.r.t.y. (again courtesy of Danny Entertainment). I escaped back to my bed well before midnight but I'm sure many are still in theirs.....recovering.


Anonymous said...

Now that's what I would call a Maui party - everyone letting it all hang out and down :-)

Mater x

Lano said...

Meesh looks like she is break dancing!