Sunday, February 01, 2009

Paddle power.

It was a picture perfect Sunday morning, so we paddled out from Makena Landing in hopes of close encounters with turtles and whales.

As any eager kid would, I baggied the good seat with a clear unobstructed view of the ocean, but I think the stroker does more work than the steersman?  

We were not disappointed as we did we see turtles and whales (in the distance), not to mention the rare sight of my lily white legs in the mouth of Moby Dick! And taking of dicks......we ended up at 'little beach' which on a Sunday is a favorite spot for naturists! The plan was to go ashore and hang out (figuratively speaking) take a break and paddle back. However, as the wind picked up so did the probability of my whining, so we headed rythmically back to base camp one stroke at a time.

Back on land we basked in the sun , enjoying the numerous variations of blues greens, blacks, browns and whites.

Jack Sparrow trying to steal our bounty for his lunch.

A quick prayer before snorkeling never hurt.....

......especially when exploring the shore break!


Anonymous said...

Is that the Makenna near Kihei? If it is, you never told me about the naturists!!!!!!!

I like the fact that you're a wimp, better safe than sorry. Tone and I were never Bravehearts when it came to the water - me particularly as I can't swim as you know - but Dad wasn't a water baby particularly.

Talking of which, love the shots of the little boy.

Mater x

Tulsa Gentleman said...

OK Sharon, you infected me with the new camera byg and I am now the proud owner of a Canon Powershot SX10IS. Good Lord, it has a 289 page users guide. I never imagined it would have so many bells and whistles. How do you remember what all those dials and settings do? It doubtless is a wonderful camera and should do almost anything but my initial reaction is to be intimidated by its complexity. I feel like I need to enroll in a post graduate program in electronic gadgetry to be able to use it. What was your learning curve?

Anonymous said...

Good on you Bill but I can answer part of your question. Sharon's brother Red passed on a photocopied manual and dozens of post-its guiding her through the complexities of the camera. This was required reading over the Xmas holiday (I believe questions were asked on her outdoor lessons). I think you're extremely brave taking on such an awesome beast.

Sharon said...

Wow TG; good job! There is a bit of a learning curve and the damn manual it comes with is not particularly helpful.....but patience grasshopper and you will fall in love!

If it makes you feel better it's honestly taken me a couple of months to get in the swing of this is America, you can always return it!