Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Turning 48 might be a bit hair raising for some people, but I don't care....or do I?


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Naaah, 48 is a cake walk. Especially when you look at least 10 years younger than that, which you do. I will turn 68 on my next birthday and it doesn't hurt a bit. Getting older does beat the alternative. Happy Birthday Sharon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Supersharon,

Looks like you're having a very happy and smiley 48! All the best, and love the hairy pix!

Looking forward to celebrating the day with you in person.


Sharon said...

TG: Thanks for the complaints and I'm still of the mind set that my age is just a number and it's how you 'feel' that matters.

Ely: This is my hairy Hookipa look!!

Anonymous said...

Now I love the windswept look - good on you for not being precious and having the ability to go au naturelle!!!! Sorry to TG if my French spelling is totally awry.
Forty eight is the new 28 and, although I say it myself, it's all in the genes........

TG's just a spring chicken isn't he?

Mater x

mchumbie said...

Hi Sharon, Happy Birthday. Just seen this - I found that counting backwards after 40 works well. I hit 21 a while ago and am now counting forwards again! Look forward to seeing you soon.