Sunday, April 12, 2009


A few more pici's have surfaced...not the sexiest look on the planet, but one has to protect one's delicate English complextion! BTW that's Meesh about to launch her kite near the water.
Thanks to Alex's hubby Dan for taking this shot from the jet ski.

The journey from my house to the water takes about 20-25 minutes. However, the excuses that show up during that time to not actually get in to the water are infinite and often win out. Todays was especially pathetic, ‘there was no parking at Kanaha’ ( was a sunny Easter Sunday). See I told you, it's just sad........

The experience is a little like aging in reverse, it’s the 48year old who’s psyched to go in the first place and packs all the gear, water and snacks. Yet the mental dissension has already started before I depart and I often have a back up plan (the gym or a bike ride). I call it 'exercise triage' so that in the face of feeling like a complete loser, my little kid still gets to play and doesn't totally miss out on all the fun should those bastards 'the excuses' win the upper hand.

Let’s just say that it’s happened more than once - that by the time I get to the beach I’ve now become an insecure, timid and apprehensive eight year old that won’t even think about rigging up without a hand to hold or a word of encouragement. So given all that, it’s pretty humorous what I ended up doing yesterday!

It must have been a slow day for The Gods to set up the amusing the comedy of errors that ensued. First I’d not gone to bed until midnight the night before but was so happy to see a sunny day I was up early and raring to splash about a bit. A miscommunication between GP and me had my truck perfectly parked at Kanaha for the events that were about to unfold. It was there that it became apparent that he had no intention of accompanying me on my first down winder (cue waning enthusiasm from Paley). In a fraught move to find a baby sitter for me we called Meesh who informed us about 50 woman were about to do a group down winder from Hookipa to Kanaha. GP must have been silently praying his arse off to pull that one off!

Here we are leaving Spreks after a short break for water, snacks and helicopter shoot. I've pinched these photo's from Tatiana's blog without her permission and hope she doesn't mind. To pay her back energetically let me say this, she and her pals created a fabulous safe and fun environment for all kinds of Maui women to come and spread their butterfly wings. They clearly had done their homework and were both well sponsored and well organized. I'm sure this is just one more step toward her manifesting others bigger and more adventurous water dreams to come true. Nice one sistah!

So bottom line, not only did I not have time to regress I got a rash guard, a lei, a helicopter photo shoot, pizza and many happy faces to accompany me on the watery road to confidence. As a bonus The Gods threw in Kauli to skeg at (who while devilishly handsome, also looks if he's wearing a party hat at a jaunty angle-which he's not!) If all this were not reason enough to buck up my doubts that the water is a fun place to be, I don’t know what would.

Anyway, I’d like to thank my sponsors, GP for encouraging me to do it and his loaning me his paddle, Ulli for lending me his perfect board and Meesh for her shock and delight at spotting me in the front of the pack (instead of bringing up the rear) as she gracefully kited around all the human buoys exuding joy and happiness as she so naturally does.

‘Twas big fun and I will do it again.


Anonymous said...

Good on you for you for doing your first "down winder"! That got me a little confused cos I didn't know whether it was wind (as in blowing in) or wind (as in the clocks). However, the butterfly wings that you guided us to showed exactly what and why it was a "happening". Hope you took something with you to exchange and didn't have to divest yourself of bikini top or bottom as a contribution!!
From you telling me you didn't "do" Easter, it seems you did Easter this year in a whole new way - good for you. That's my girl :-) Thanks GP for kicking Sharon's butt, she's always reacted well to that sort of treatment.

Mater x
P.S. cannot remember the party-hatted guy's name but all I can say is cor............

Lano said...

you better be 'motivated' to sail with us young lady when we come knocking on your door in June!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Hello. Where you been? I've missed your blog. If you are too busy to post pictures of paradise then you are too busy. Your butterfly event looked like fun.

Mchumbie said...

Well done Sharon! It looked like great fun.I'm basking in reflected glory at the comments about Meesh. I know she had a great time ever!

meesh said...

Congratulations Shaz. Quite an accomplishment I would say! Not only your first downwinder, but leader of the pack!!

Thanks for the kind "Meesh" words. I'm not really an advocate of "girl power" to the Americanized extent, but it was really fun to see so many ladies on the water, and so many drooling guys on the beach!!

I would like to note that not one windsurfer, or sup-er freaked out about kiters weaving in and out of everyone. It was about having fun on the water, on a board; & I think it just goes to show all the sport segregation on the water (and mountains) is usually a male thing.

Sharon said...

Mater: The annual Easter Sunday down winder.....I like it!

Lano: No worriers mate I'll be motivated because I know you'll have a cold one waiting for me post sesh....gotta earn my brewski!

TG: I know I left without leaving a note. Do forgive the bad manners.....shan't let it happen again!

Mchumbie: Your daughter is many people's favourite water companion 'coz shes got such a positive attitude. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree :-)

Meesh: It'll be a cold day in hell when you and me skip down the sand in our haku lei's!

It never crossed my mind about the joyful cross pollination - but you're right. Too much ego and not enough love on the water creates some wacky territorial wars. I loved having you buggers all zipping around. Plenty of room on the sea for everyone :-)

alexandra said...

Did you see my husband taking the pictures from the jet ski? (Dan)
Let me know if you are on the pictures, I could ask him to forward it to you!

Sharon said...

Alex: I'm stunning chickie #349, would you ask him if its' OK for me to post it and link to your blog?

Were you there?

Rayburn said...

I'm sure it's fine to use the picture on your blog!

Rayburn said...

and YES, I was there too!
I took some pictures and posted them on my blog.

Mchumbie said...

Thanks for the photo of Meesh and her kite. I'm still looking for one of her actually sailing it, where she isn't so far away on the horizon that you can't see who it is! Is this a challenge for your new camera?