Wednesday, December 28, 2011


"Can't speak, struck dumb, inspiration won't come".....that's how I've been feeling for a while now, hence the sporadic posts of the past six months. I'm in transition and with that comes a lot of introspection and re-calibration, so I just keep taking the high road and being good to myself......fark let's hope it pays off!

Luckily I know from prior experience all the emotions line up eventually. As I look at this picture of myself, I know I'm getting there as I see the twinkle of my new and improved vibrant self and I don't mind telling you.... I've missed me!

Now that's a cracking good downward dog.

I'm happy to report that my spiritual/mental/physical/emotional practice is not just in the yoga studio, but also on the water. My turbulent windsurfing journey thus far has given way to me and my gear consistently blowing and flowing. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a mediocre sailor, but I'm really enjoying my emotional shift which is now enthusiastic, willing and curious .....oh and the tea really helps!

Let me explain the tea bit.....this thermos is my new best friend. I am a woman with cold extremities, ridiculous in this hot climate I know, but there it is. This predisposes me to not like getting colder, but back in September Mel introduced me to the luxury of pre and post session tea. Ladies and gentlemen this has been nothing short of life changing! I take a quick nip before dawn patrol to brace myself and on the water I always know when it's time to come in as my mind turns to what's waiting....a piping hot cup of divine chai green.

Collective groan (ribbit).

And let me leave you with the latest edition to the back of my truck. With thanks to my mate Jules for the inspiration..... pass the salt and vinegar would ya?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Pineapple express.

Not too shabby, my home in the middle of the sea.

A $20 reward, or beer of your choice for some lost yellow plaid board shorts, really? Though thumbs up for the drawing.....which helpfully gives you a perfect visual of what 100% of the one pocket version look like.

I don't think he's our man.

Maybe Cozmo knicked'um for the beer reward, because looking at his belly I think he's been overindulging. He needs some exercise.

Perhaps I should take him for a run in the desolate and fallow pineapple fields.

Clearly some of the fruit didn't get the memo that they are no longer a viable crop on Maui.

While others weren't so lucky.

You never know what beauty you're going to encounter on a ride, I love the amber, green and pink colors that seemingly appeared out of no where.

My ride back reminded me of the classic song by Supertramp "Take the long way home".

Sunday, November 20, 2011


6:20 am and despite the web saying 'calm' the wind was already on the surf.

Of course the cat's at Kanaha don't give a shit about the conditions, just the perch opportunities.

A higher vantage point seems to be the order of the day, rise above and get a new perspective.

These guys are dialed in seasoned veterans and can play in anything.

Exhibit A, something out of nothing.

It's the real thing.

As is this, which is not two trees, but one taking the concept of branching out to a whole new level.

Spoil sports.

That's more like it.

Peace, love, ease and flow. Over and out.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

No rain, no rainbows,

Heading down the hill to work.

At work.
Heading up the hill.

Haliimaile turn off.

Makani turn off.

Did you make your wish?

As a little postscript, Ulles sent me this link with the note "31 plus million hits for this shit, and you probably saw three today. God help us."

Friday, October 28, 2011

A busy week.

Having surfed and attended a yoga class, my day was already an eight. So when I got the invite from Mel to come and eat lunch prepared by a private chef and launch from his house...well it jumped to a ten.

And talking of jumping, I had to before rigging up!

Team Italia & Team Swiss are in town and Renata's birthday was a perfect excuse to congregate and appreciate.

Doh! I didn't take this grasshopper pici (I wish), but it makes me smile every time I look at it.

I didn't take this one either and it was forwarded to me with the comment "one of your friends I'm sure", again, I wish!

The third and final pici I didn't take was this one forwarded by Meesh. Here's the story morning glory. More shocking is that this beautiful photo was taken with Ulli's iphone!

It's a tradition to have a pre halloween party pici taken in Ulli and Michelle's kitchen.

Gotta have the contrast before things go quickly down hill!

And finally, spot the windsurfing pioneer!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Miracles do happen.

I went surfing today at Hookipa and had a blast (and Tavares last week but I only have a witness and no text as proof)!

Danny owns a brilliant cafe.

Our lives change but the beauty of rainbows...

.....and sunsets are constant.

Oh and I now own a watch......something I've not done in about 20 years. It tells the tides.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Remember the glacier from earlier? Well here it is up close and personal. This is Diavolezza mountain and one of the ski areas in the upper Engadin.

As we rode in the cable car to the top (roughly 10,000ft), we got a birds eye view of what's left of a portion of the glacier and it's protective summer blanket.

As the glacier forms the base for the ski season, it is a precious commodity. Renata remembers when this strip was fully connected to the main mountain and therefore skiing occured well into the summer. I found myself feeling sad for this dying giant of nature.

You can see the start of the ice just to the right.

What can I say about my English speaking star of a tour guide, other than a bloody great big "danka".

And here's yet another way to ascend another extraordinary area of the mountains. This cable car pulls you straight up (and down) to a magnificent brilliant and beautiful vista. There is of course a stunning restaurant at the top and hiking trails that lead quickly off into the wilderness.

Ta-daaaa! As this was my last day it was a perfect destination as I could look down the Engadin Valley and see lakes of St.Moritz, Champfer and Silverplana that had been my playground all week.

A light snack for one! We specifically rode to the small village of Spinas, strictly for the juvenile amusement of the name.

Told you!

And while we're on that topic, while the Swiss are not known for their sense of humor, this sign for the Ladies......

....and the Gents, really made me chuckle.

Then just like that I was back in the old smoke and making my way back from one home to another. If I could have extended my stay in both countries I would have, but responsibility called and thank god I live in a place I love, with a job I dig and have a community that loves and supports me. Otherwise I'd might have had to pack up and move to Switzerland!