Sunday, December 04, 2011

Pineapple express.

Not too shabby, my home in the middle of the sea.

A $20 reward, or beer of your choice for some lost yellow plaid board shorts, really? Though thumbs up for the drawing.....which helpfully gives you a perfect visual of what 100% of the one pocket version look like.

I don't think he's our man.

Maybe Cozmo knicked'um for the beer reward, because looking at his belly I think he's been overindulging. He needs some exercise.

Perhaps I should take him for a run in the desolate and fallow pineapple fields.

Clearly some of the fruit didn't get the memo that they are no longer a viable crop on Maui.

While others weren't so lucky.

You never know what beauty you're going to encounter on a ride, I love the amber, green and pink colors that seemingly appeared out of no where.

My ride back reminded me of the classic song by Supertramp "Take the long way home".


Leedslass said...

Oh heavens to Betsy, your Ma's imagination has gone into overdrive wondering how someone managed to lose their shorts AND yellow plaid at that. Not exactly a shy and retiring ensemble. I didn't realise pineapples were a non-viable crop, tell the powers that be to grow papaya instead:-)
Lovely post and, although I don't like cats, I have to say Cozmo's belly is pretty funny hanging over the ledge. If I were able to get into the same position, I wonder where mine would finish up?
No sound on "The long way home" but I'm humming it as I write:-)

Sharon said...

Ma: Did you turn up the volume on your computer?!

Leedslass said...

Your Ma's NOT senile yet (at least, I don't think I am - I can't remember)and "yes, I did try turning up the sound"!!!!!

How's your Advent calendar doing?
Hope you're being good and haven't yet opened the last door.......