Sunday, November 20, 2011


6:20 am and despite the web saying 'calm' the wind was already on the surf.

Of course the cat's at Kanaha don't give a shit about the conditions, just the perch opportunities.

A higher vantage point seems to be the order of the day, rise above and get a new perspective.

These guys are dialed in seasoned veterans and can play in anything.

Exhibit A, something out of nothing.

It's the real thing.

As is this, which is not two trees, but one taking the concept of branching out to a whole new level.

Spoil sports.

That's more like it.

Peace, love, ease and flow. Over and out.


Leedslass said...

A "gentle" post. I wonder if anyone else can see a face on the Picasso-like rock? As you know, I'm not a cat fan but I love rocks.

That tree cannot have been pruned, it obviously suffered in the past from a gale attack. What a fun way to find regrowth though.

Mchumbie said...

Perfect from sunrise to sunset.

rebecca said...

great shots (as always). hope to see you on the water. smiles - r