Monday, February 26, 2007

The Secret.

I’ve always enjoyed my own psyche and I guess there’s no topic more enthralling than ourselves! As a naive young thing I started exploring my mind early on in London with Lifespring and then in San Francisco went to the big boys at EST. I became a bit of a therapy junkie more out of the thrill of exploring how my mind works than any deep child hood wound that needed healing (not that wasn’t a benefit along the way). Most of all these ventures have helped speed up my own leaning curve and that was certainly the impetus of my latest jaunt down the self improvement highway.

Enter Dr.John Demartini….there’s no way for me to even begin to explain his methods. Suffice to say they are all scientifically backed and have proven successful on thousands of peeps like myself looking for a helping hand to the next level. Name it what you will, I had a blast immersing myself in myself and am now boring the pants of my chums with my new lingo and insights. If past experience prevails all but a few nuggets will wear off in a month or two as I get wrapped up again in my stories, unless…….?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Food glorious food.

In my constant search for healthy protein, I grabbed my friend Cheyenne this afternoon and we went to Ulapalakua Ranch Deli for a Maui Cattle Company burger. And while I’m off sugar (for the most part) I decided these were more strawberry than chocolate. Truly scrumptious!

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In his on going effort to create the perfect home pizza, Giampaolo shows his prowess making him dough boy of the week!
Don’t try this at home :-)
Hmmmmm……suffice to say the pizza on the left tasted better than it looked!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You know you're in Waikiki when.....

You get blessed by ‘The Duke’ while shopping at the ABC store.
The beer police need water safety devices on land. Wax, leash, rash guard....padlock key (that's just wrong).
People look and act their age.
PC Plod has replaced his truncheon with a ‘shaka’.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Slowly but surely.

Sorry to be running at a snails pace to the next post, patience grasshoppers! (Thanks Kimmer for these great creature pics).

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Fuck, fuck, fuck, there are big waves on the north shore & I haven’t been able to go down to the point & ogle… instead I’ll tell you about my hamster.

I received this picture today and it reminded me of my hamster (Chippamingo) who was officially the largest pet I ever owned. He was brilliant and extremely cute. When he needed to pee he’d shuffle his little bottom up high into the corner of his cage and oddly, there are time when my toilet smells like his cage used to. But I digress ....

Chippy, as I guess all caged animal do, decided to make a quick getaway whist using me as the human decoy. The only clue as to his whereabouts was the chewed lining of my parent’s expensive velvet curtains where he’d obviously pitched base camp for a few days. Sad and perplexed I’d about given up on him when my Dad (whilst in the cellar) nearly trod on a little black scurrying thing! The fates were with little Chippy as Dad grabbed him and returned him to me all sooty, black and thin from his wild adventure– hallelujah!

Fast forward to the day of poor little Chippy’s death. It was a Sunday and Dad returned from the pub after his usual Guinness (or two) to find a bereft daughter with shoebox casket ready for burial. Buzzed and not in funeral mode my Dad wrote “Chipy” on the box. Harsh and uncaring…..the family never let him forget his spelling infraction!

PS:Is it just me or does Hamster #1 look a bit porn star-ish?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pins and needles.

Hmmmm, I love acupuncture as it really assimilates well with my body. Here’s a little look at some of today’s treatment, which got even better as my wonderful practitioner warmed up the needles with this amazing stick of something! I could stay on the table all day, but he makes me leave after an hour (note to self-must book double appointment next week).

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Forestry (at your) Service.

Today I was forest girl. If only I could convey to you the amazing smells of the eucalyptus and pine tress. It was a heady aroma that tantalized all my senses. I romped around for a while blowing off the cob webs and delighting in the glory of nature.

In the afternoon I did the same thing at Baldwin beach. As I was getting out of my car I saw my friends Cheyenne & River just getting into theirs. So I hid until they approached & then jumped into the middle of the road waving my arms like a wild woman……only to look upon, not my friends, but an elderly couple (one car ahead) in a similar rental. NICE!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

One man's meat....

I’ve started eating meat again but have always been leery of the strange looking bits. So whilst at the beach I indiscriminately tossed over my shoulder (as one does) a piece of suspicious looking turkey. Much to my amusement, said piece of suspicion went zooming in reverse and slapped into the unlikely target behind me!

Water Lilies & Taro.

The blog is like having my own art gallery. So these two photos are just here for my own enjoyment. They were taken at the little water garden at Mama’s Fish House.