Monday, February 26, 2007

The Secret.

I’ve always enjoyed my own psyche and I guess there’s no topic more enthralling than ourselves! As a naive young thing I started exploring my mind early on in London with Lifespring and then in San Francisco went to the big boys at EST. I became a bit of a therapy junkie more out of the thrill of exploring how my mind works than any deep child hood wound that needed healing (not that wasn’t a benefit along the way). Most of all these ventures have helped speed up my own leaning curve and that was certainly the impetus of my latest jaunt down the self improvement highway.

Enter Dr.John Demartini….there’s no way for me to even begin to explain his methods. Suffice to say they are all scientifically backed and have proven successful on thousands of peeps like myself looking for a helping hand to the next level. Name it what you will, I had a blast immersing myself in myself and am now boring the pants of my chums with my new lingo and insights. If past experience prevails all but a few nuggets will wear off in a month or two as I get wrapped up again in my stories, unless…….?


mater70 said...

I have to tell everyone that this "finding myself" Sharon was not always easy for her Dad and me.
Many years ago she sent us a seven page scrawl saying how happy she was that we had allowed her to find herself by giving our blessing on her journey to the States. We were totally petrified by this letter (British stiff upper lip and all that, don't you know) and were quite convinced she had become a Moonie.
Funny memories now, terrifying at the time. Advice to all you people, it really is better that parents do not know everything, even though we would strongly deny that.

Cerebral Itch said...
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mater70 said...

I have heard it said that there are only about 30 faces in the world and I have been looking at Dr D and thinking "I know him from somewhere" - it's just come to me a young Damon Hill (British Grand Prix racing driver) - most of you will not even have a clue who or what I'm talking about but, hey, this is my comment on this site:-)
Hope I got the wording right in the last sentence GP.

cammar said...

Damon Hill... good one Mater!

Sharon said...

Funny-Est & the Moonies are probably not that far apart in some minds!

mater70 said...

To quote you "kinell", that's the very first time I've heard that from you - thank heavens I have absolutely no idea what you got up to when you first went to the States!!!!!!!!