Friday, June 26, 2009

Gifts of Aloha.

Joel puts a heart on top of every coffee he makes and in the process spreads his own magnificent variety of love and aloha. Even with the knowledge that my coffee will be given (what feels like) extra special attention, I still anticipate the little upwelling of joy it gives me.

Having placed his order, Rover patiently awaits his double shot skinny soy latte with a extra foam (and heart).

For cheap entertainment I shared my peanut butter and honey sandwich with the birds. This greedy little Myna got a bit more than he bargained for!

Our Cardinal here wasn't so lucky in the lunch department but with looks like these, he probably doesn't care.

Talking of good looks, here is the lovely and talented Phoebe Lane who just turned seven and is the owner of her very first windsurf harness! Go Phoebe Go! Unfortunately, after three weeks holiday on Maui she has to take her parents back to Australia, but not before we all hung out and had a fantastic dinner together.

As a funny aside the prized and much appreciated gift of Tim Tams that were transported all the way from Adelaide were first breached that evening by Giampaolo. Next day my friend and IT Guru was over at the house sorting out my new MAC (another story) and knowing there was Baci from Italy and Lindt from Switzerland in the fridge I told him "help yourself to the chocolate". As I walked in the house and we chatted about computers he suddenly interrupted me "Oh my god those biscuits", "what biscuits?" I asked, "that open packet in the fridge - they're amazing". "AHHHHHHHHHHHH, NO how many did you eat?" I yelled frantically, alarm clearly registering in my voice. His eyes widened "well it was almost three, but I stopped myself at two"! As there are just nine to a packet and I promised to share with Meesh....I savoured my one and duct taped the rest closed for safe delivery!

Here's Meesh and her bro Mark blissfully unaware of the Tim Tam drama up the hill, praps if I delivery them once Mark returns to the UK (tomorrow) I can scarf his? Mchumbie.....this one's for you!


cammar said...

Michelle, if you read this: are you willing to trade your Tim Tams with a brand new amazing spot I just discovered today?
Guessing what your answer will be, I'll move on and eat some...

Meesh said...

Agreed, I have a large stash of UK chocs from brother Bitz, call me in the morning!

meesh said...

Thank you Shaz for the thought..... I had written them off as they went up the hill. But I can imagine the shrill in your voice as you interrogated the Computer Man :)

Anonymous said...

I reckon Mchumbie will be thrilled with that picture.

It sounds as though you're having biscuit problems in Makawao - are McVities required?

Mater x

Mchumbie said...

What are Tim Tams and if they're so good why haven't I come across them before?
Thanks for the photo, though I have to say they both look as if they've been at the beers. Not the most flattering pic of my brood! No denying they're Cromptons though - that chin is all Father Chumbie!

Mchumbie said...

Don't have anything else to say but I couldn't ignore the next verification word of 'airse', so had to share it with you. Wouldn't have believed it if one of my kids had written this!

Anonymous said...

I knew you were a lady from England pronouncing the word as it should be "airse" whereas the plebs tends to say the word without the important "i".

I had to click on Tim Tams in order to see what they were. They look a bit like our Foxs chocolate bars.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Thanks for the post - there is enough fun stuff in this to last for days. My but you do have interesting friends. I am in awe of your tri-colored cardinal. very different from our all red variety. Smokey wants to know how the dog got up on the bar stool. Send me some Tim Tams

Anonymous said...

Something has been puzzling me. I understand why Meesh is called Meesh as a short form of Michelle.
Where does Bitz get his name?

Mater x

P.S. Happy 4 July to everyone. I shall be spending the day watching one Williams sister beat the hell out of her sibling and THEN try and win the doubles. Don't know what Papa Williams feeds those kids of his - maybe they like Tim Tams?

Mchumbie said...

Michelle has given all of us nicknames. The name Bitz goes back to when Mark was small and being 8 years younger than Meesh,(or Tellie as she is sometimes known) Big sister called him Lits (meaning Little). But then he grew to 6 ft 2 ins and towered over big sister, so she christened him Big Lits, which got shortened to Bitz, and has stuck ever since.
Meesh also invented the Mother and Father Chumbie, but that's another long story....