Saturday, June 06, 2009

Early bird.

My latest sleep pattern is to awake around 5:30am (waaaaaaaaaaay to early) but as I'm all sleeped out, there's nothing to be but get up. The tide was low at 7:00am this morning so a SUP sesh was crossed of the list and replaced happily by a bike ride.

I might have been up early, but as I strapped on my helmet and looked up, it was apparent this person was up much earlier.

"Blimey mate, you might wanna cut back on the sunflower seeds, you're looking mighty porky around the petals" I thought, as I'd peddled barely 2 minutes before dismounting to stop and snap this swollen sunflower. It's a stunning route from Rice Park to the end of Thompson Road that greets you with the incredible smells of eucalyptus trees and doesn't stop feeding the senses, including the sense of humor.......

.....quick, quick, somebody distract him!

Oh deer.

I stopped to feed the horses and was drawn to this one because of his long fringe and one empty socket. It made me think of a scene from The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, which is an extraordinary must see movie.

As I was in the neighborhood. I decided to pop in and see the ducklings and like any good Auntie my first thought was "my, haven't you grown?" .

Goodness gracious me.........having freckles I can relate to this one. And now for a duck joke: A duck walks into his local 7-11 and says "give me some chap stick and put it on my bill"!

My end.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Were your ducklings peeping or quacking? They look at that awkward age.

Sharon said...

Peeping and pooping (ufff what a smell) LOL!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures brought to mind a couple of things (1) the ugly duckling that grew up to be a swan and (2) smart arse!!!!

Lovely pictures and comments, what were those people selling that Jesus was watching over?

Mater x

Mchumbie said...

Thanks for the virtual bike ride I enjoyed that - and the Jesus sign is a classic.

Sharon said...

Mater: The disciples had made some (non flower) lei that you can see in the front of the picture. I did another wicked ride today but there was nothing for sale along the way.

Mchumbie: We'll have to rent you and Gordon a tandem in Feb :-)

cammar said...

clearly missed the joke... bill must have a second meaning is my guess.
great photos!

Mchumbie said...

No need to rent, Sharon, Michelle and Ulli have great bikes that we borrow but have never been more adventurous than to go to Baldwin Beach. You'll have to fill us in on all the non-hilly, non-traffic bike rides.

Sharon said...

Cammar: The bill, beak or rostrum is an external anatomical structure of birds which is used for eating and for grooming, manipulating objects, killing prey, probing for food, courtship and feeding young. Or birdy lips.

Mchumbie: You'll love this ride, just chuck the bikes in the truck and head up hill, I'll show you the way.

My ID word was 'iducksha'!