Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sea, surf, sky and cabbage.

I sit at a desk all day in front of a computer, so it's an amazing antidote to step out after work and get some fresh air. What's more extraordinary though, is that I don't do it more often. However, as the summer nights grow longer, my play gene has grown and requires more indulgence. So with my bike stowed in the bed of my truck, there were no excuses.

I confess to feeling a bit of a pillock clunking along the pebbles in my bike shoes, helmet and spandex (I'd ditched the bike further back), but what the hell - it's not like I'm going to run into anyone I know. "Hey you!" said Jenna, a fab woman from my book club "wotcha doing mountain biking out here?"! "Looking like a twat and not wanting to get noticed" I thought....but too late.

The south swell wasn't all it was forecast to be, but at 5:45pm the light and waves were entwined in their magical dance and I was captivated.

Let's hope duck diver boy doesn't have a bulls eye on his shorts!

Did I work today?

Rewinding back to the weekend and I was in the mountains again (no that's not me!) riding my bike part way up Waipoli Road toward Poli Poli. I say part way because the start is so steep I've convinced myself I could never make it, so I cheat and park at Frisbee Golf forest. It's a peaceful ride with just the bird song and para gliders for company. My time, 40 minutes up and 8 minutes down! "You've got legs of steel" said golf frisbee girl as she passed me post ride loading up my bike, was it wrong of me to not burst her bubble by telling her I'd had to stop twice on the accent?!

Coming back home though Kula there are many local small farms and I was caught by the symmetry of this humble cabbage patch.

Enough, enough, lets all paws for a tranquil thought or two.


mchumbie said...

Just what was needed after a day in front of a computer. Another great bike ride - I think they may be more to my liking than Meesh's - I hear she pedalled over to Hana before breakfast the other day....

Anonymous said...

That's a very tranquil blog - it may not have been tranquil getting some of the pictures but the entry is sooooo laid back. I think your five week stint at writing school has paid off.

Mater x

P.S. Mchumbie, I think your daughter is mad.

Meesh said...

Thanks ladies, all of you! Compliments will get you everywhere :)
Shaz, brilliant surf report from LP. In GP's absence I will be relying on you to take the ride frequently this summer :)
Finally, my word verification today is BREESTS!

Anonymous said...

Didn't realise calling you mad Meesh was a compliment but, if you take it that way, then so be it!:-)

Breests suits you as a verification word - mine's pfoxi - I think that's what I used to be, in the olden days :-)

Mater x

cammar said...

Not much to say here (other than nice post, of course), but my verification word was STUD.

Mchumbie said...

Meesh - yes you are certifiable but you're enjoying life so who cares?
Does anyone believe Cammar??

Anonymous said...

My immediate thought Mchumbie was "in your dreams GP" - still, to know him is to love him. He's like most men and does have a tendency to be a "stud" in his own mind - bless.

Mater x