Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two Oahu.

Hand stands are what he did whilst waiting for the wave to come barrelling along the side of the cliff. Then he dove confidently into the belly of the swell, getting caught (fish like) in its undulation.

He wisely avoided the waves that would spit him out like a snapped twig, back onto the rocks.

My soles view of a passing squall.

"Look right!" I wanted to say as these ever so serious Segway riders glided by. These things are super fun, praps the collective gravity was due to the herd like mentality required of such tours?. Or maybe they just didn't appreciate being 'papped'?..... matter, this was the gorgeous view to the right.

'Captivated' would be a good way to describe how this little one made me feel. Yes, she was at a pirates birthday party, yes, there were other kids her age to play with, but what she really liked to do was run along this tree branch, jump off, climb back on and start all over again. She was a fearless little warrier who was fully engaged in the moment and allowed that freedom by a Mum that let her roam, explore, fall and play at her own speed. Intuition and individuality perfectly balanced.

I mostly see these Cattle Egrets on Maui when I'm at the green waste section of the dump! It's an easy revolving buffet of fresh grubs and insects for these elegant birds to snack on. It took going to Oahu to finally get a pici and this little chap was working his tail off looking for bug grub.

It's so rewarding to step out into unfamiliar territory and see what's out there. Sure I've been to Oahu a bunch of times before, but there's always an adventure to be had or a new magical spot to find. I also enjoy the exercise of my own inner world, being more awake to my own desires and wishes, surrendering to the flow of the moment and knowing when enough is enough.

I was driving to work this morning and realized (disappointingly) I was back on automatic pilot, it must be time to shake up my routine at home a bit too. Hmmmmmm old habits die hard though and I'll mull it over with a Fernet-Branca.....


Tulsa Gentleman said...

These are great photographs. You have a good eye for composition.

Do people rent Segways for a ride or what? It does look like fun.

Anonymous said...

Different country, different spellings. Segue riding looks such fun but that woman in the front looks more like a policewoman or traffic warden!
Her expression is definitely "I'm doing this to have fun, even if I hate the bloody thing" - she brought a smile to my face.

Lovely pictures, is that a painting near your feet? I didn't enlarge the photograph so it could be I need to revisit the optician.

mater x

Mchumbie said...

At first glance I thought those were mobility scooters for the disabled, I must have missed Segway Tours when visiting before, looks easier than cycling....
And oh my goodness, that wonderful photo of the little girl could have been Meesh 30 years ago. I wonder if she will turn out to be an extreme sports freak?

Sharon said...

TG: No Segway riding for me this time, but I did one use a friends to ride around downtown Hollywood, wicked fun.

Mater: Don't fret Segway is a brand name and not a misspelling! I was so captivated by the view, I didn't take a moment to see what was painted on the bench.

Mchumbie: Once you figure out you're not going to fall off - they're defiantly easier than riding a bike. Had dinner with two of your three kids the other night, 'twas most excellent!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about this daughter of mine, but why do you type "defiantly" in place of "definitely"? I think you must have dyslexia with those two words!

Point taken on Segway and segue - I'm such a smartie pants - wrong again!!!!!

Did the Brits feed you well?

Mater x

Mchumbie said...

Sharon - wish I could have been there, especially if it was one of Ulli's famous BBQs. I hear there's a birthday bash coming up as well so I'm relying on you for photos!

Anonymous said...

What's a fernet branca? I've watched the ad. but still not sure whether it's wine or beer (or maybe even neither)? Never heard of it so am simply curious.

Mater x

Lovely verification word this a.m.
"trizzles" a word that could be applied to almost anything but something damp immediately springs to mind.