Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Southside Sunday.

On the return journey from the South side, I like to stop by Maleaa Harbor and see wazup. My meanderings are accompanied by a score of ropes rhythmically clanging on masts which (while on land) I find soothing. It's a fertile environment of birds, seaweed and ocean activity that provides me endless viewfinder entertainment.

I like the contrast of the lush plumeria above and the withering... what ever it is... below.

Both glorious and beautiful in their own right.

As is the coastline of this lovely little Island.

Manu, doing a manoeuvre.

Sunday afternoon a group of us organically convened at the beach and alternated between the bliss of the water and the sweltering heat on land. The English sat single file lathering on sun screen in what little shade the three leaves of an anorexic kiawe tree could provide. Meanwhile the French and the Aussies seemed to barely notice it was warm. Damn them!

And talking of the French, Manu and Pascal are both great water men and terrific hands-on froggy Dads. Their daughters Lulu and Mia (now both three'ish) were born 6 months apart and are not only the bestest of friends but also being brought up bilingual. Fantastique!

Matilda (an Aussie) napping....it's hard work being alive for four months.

Just ask Wixie, he's been alive for 32 years and is English! He's also vegetarian and that delicious looking veggie burger in his hand (no bun, no plate no condiments) was the combined culinary birthday offering from six of his closest mates. Our generosity knows no bounds!


Rayburn said...

Pascal, Tina, Manu and Carine are my friends too! Tina and my due date were 1 day appart! My son also end up for a while in the same day care with Mia and Loulou!! :) Anyway...it's nice to see pics of them... it reminds me that I need to see them before they leave again! They are pretty lucky traveling so much!!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Hello. I have nothing witty or profound to say today, just want to thank you for your lovely photographs and for sharing your beautiful world. I have not heard from your mum lately, is she well?

Sharon said...

Alex: You're right Carine and Manu have the charmed travelling life. Thanks for the heads up they're leaving as I want to stop by & see if water lilies are in my future!

TG: A cursory glance is good enough for me and all is well with Mater, thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs as usual from you and what gorgeous kiddywinks.
I thought Wixie was holding a hobnob - I'm sure Mchumbie would agree with me.

Wixie reminds me of an actor over here and I can't for the life of me remember his name - he's doing the BT broadband ads for anyone who knows who I'm talking about (or should that be about whom I'm talking)?

Bill, I'm totally fine, I read your blog first thing EVERY morning but your grandchildren have been doing such technical things - way beyond me to make a comment.

Mater x

I do wish you'd write English Sharon what do water lilies and travelling have to do with each other? You sound a bit like Confucius! Confused of Leeds!!!!

Mchumbie said...

Lovely pictures Sharon - the plumeria is THE prettiest flower ever in my opinion.
Mater: does look a bit hob nobbish but as my husband is vegetarian I can spot a cardboard-style veggie burger at 20 paces.
TG: I checked your blog out of curiosity after reading Anne's comments. Can't wait to try the Alka Seltzer experiment!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

The kids have built real rockets and will go to a military base nearby to fire them off today. I will take photos. They are very excited.