Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oahu Northshore Tour.

"I can see Pipeline breaking on the webcam", said GP. Nuff said, we packed gear and lunch and hopped in the truck heading for the Northshore (cue theme to Endless Summer ).

But I'm getting ahead of myself.... welcome to Oahu. The contrast between the North and South shores is insane and it felt good to leave the 6 lane H2 Freeway and at Haleiwa be back on a single lane road. Launiakai was our first stop and from street the water looked tempting. It was a different perspective from the rocks however and I wouldn't have even wanted to wade in for a dip. Ufff, you just know there's a bomb over that peak!

Another Island, another gorgeous cove. As we headed up the hillside after a failed attempt to park at Waimea Bay GP exclaimed "look it's breaking", and it was! A deceiving little wrap around wave at the point jacked up out of no where and my eyes caught someone catching the substantial swell as we continued Northward.

Score! Pipeline was putting on a 'small' out of season show and what an impressive sight, but not nearly as impressive as this..... respect.


"Hey are you kids actually gonna go out , or just stand around looking pretty"?

Well, there's your answer.'s probably a good idea to do a whole yoga class before before having a close encounter of the Pipeline kine. We instead grabbed a couple of $3 Veggie Burritos from the back of some dude's truck, threw lunch on the dashboard and headed onward (all of 5 minutes down the road) to Sunset Beach.

In comparison to Pipeline, Sunset breaks quite a distance from the beach, so I sat in the shade eating my tasty lunch and watched the surfers to my right. When I looked left I thought "now here's something you don't see everyday", a nice beach vase arrangement.

A birds eye view of Backyards.

The maps says "Sandy Beach -Body boarding for experts only".

They're not kidding...that lip is gonna land right on his head and so it is for all these waves. There's no escape and each ride ends in a monumental pummeling. This place was intense, not just for the power and ferocity of the shore break, but the vertical drops these guys took seemed impossible, plus as it was crowded as hell!

After watching everyone else on the water it was my turn. I hopped on the SeaLion and with the wind on my right paddled left for twenty minutes! Easy peasy, simple, beginner fun, a perfect end to a great day.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Yoga before entering that kind of water might be a good thing, but confession and last rites might be better. We don't have that sort of water in Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

You are such a good story teller, and obviously have a keen eye as the unexpected always seems to crop up - so interesting - good for you.

Oahu is obviously for the grownups when it comes to surfing but glad you got your half hour fix:-)

Mater x
P.S. my verification word is "impest" which if it had an "r" in it would be my view of this post.

Mchumbie said...

Great pics. I hope that impressive surfer hadn't lost his arm to a shark.
How long are you in Oahu? Meesh's brother Mark arrives Maui today(stand-by flights permitting) for 8days so you may catch up with him.

Sharon said...

TG: You might not have that sorta water, but if I saw an Oklahoma Tornado's you might have a convert on your hands!

Mater: So many great surf & sail spots to explore and discover-super fun.

Mchumbie: Last I heard your son was stuck in LA and 39th on the list! Praps he'll be enjoying a tour of Hollywood today if he couldn't bribe his way on-board.

Mchumbie said...

I hear Bitz had to buy a ticket on Delta, after being bottom of everyone's list for standby - hopefully arriving tonight. Summer is not a good time to travel to Maui! You may still catch up with him!