Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hot shots.

The old Paia Railway station building on Baldwin Avenue was awash with the afternoon light, flattering its already gorgeous color. It drew me in for a portrait, the results of which I was happy with, until I glimpsed myself in the window's reflection. Beginner mistake, now that's all I see!

The annual crab spider invasion continues. This one hitched a ride inside on my hair and when I pulled him off my follicles, I popped him on the keyboard (for later disposal) thinking he was dead. Imagine my post nap surprise when I flipped open my laptop (yes he had been sandwiched in hot plastic for a good 45 minutes), to find spiderman not only alive but suddenly repelling down the thesaurus on his own sticky life line, well done old chap! He won a return trip to the garden.

And talking of the garden, here's a visual tomato progress report and quick, quick, which is it............ a fruit or a vegetable?

Bloomin' cactus....... 

Oh happy day, after a month in the doldrums the wind came back for a quick visit, Lano.......keep your fingers crossed!


Lano said...

We have had everything crossed for the last few weeks Sharon, thanks for the update - 8 days and counting

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the crab spider had been experiencing all the words he had had to read over and over whilst trapped - poor little mite! Are you sure you don't need to run a nit comb through your hair, just to be on the safe side? Maybe that's what the crab spider was after? I cannot believe you managed to remove such an enormous creature from your head - were you running round the house/garden screaming whilst performing the operation? Gold star for bravery.

Mater x

Anonymous said...

You did ask the question whether the tomato was a fruit or a vegetable, well my reliable OED assures us it's a fruit but, I confess, I do tend to see it as a veg. The main thing is they're very tasty :-)

Mater x
My verification word is "ougmahi" which makes me think I should use it if I don't like fish!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Lano!

Mater: I can live with the crabbies, it's the cane spiders that give me the willies. You are right, tommes are a fruit, but I too think of them as veggie.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Lano - is your forthcoming trip to Maui a belated birthday present?


Mchumbie said...

I think that poor spider was trying to tell you he was 'hurting'after being locked up for so long in the heat. As for the reflection, would we have noticed if you hadn't told us??

Anonymous said...

I agree Mchumbie - I enlarged the picture and still had a job to "see" Sharon. An old saying is "a blind man would be pleased to see it" - sometimes you're too hard on yourself.

Mater x