Monday, May 25, 2009

Heat wave.

Whilst I was out playing in the water, I stuck the bottle on the dashboard of my truck and let the tea brew itself. Not the milk and two sugars kinda tea you understand, but a herbal formula for coughs (ugh-huh)and 'twas delicious.

The long windless spell of Maui weather caught me in it's magic and I finally bought a SUP board I can call my own. "Look at you" I said to myself, "just an ordinary girl from Leeds, who'd have ever guessed this is how your life would turn out?". I've always enjoyed my own company, but these last few mornings gently paddling over the reef, catching small waves and chasing turtles have really been "how long have I been out on da water?" kinda fun.

You already know the coastline can look like this....

....but there's a lot of this too. No less beautiful, but the rugged outline is much harder to launch from.

Still, those rocks are handy for breaking open beach snacks.

Plus, mo'bettah for fishing.

Later, I sat at Paia Bay and enjoyed the slight onshore breeze that cooled me from the stifling heat of midday. I expectantly pulled out The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and devoured a couple of chapters, while watching the beach action (or lack thereof) go on around me. 
Three day weekends are good.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Sharon, you have made such a good life for yourself. It is remarkable that you have surrounded yourself with a tropical paradise and a host of friends. You take on physical challenges that would discourage many people. Besides which you document all this to share with your faithful readers. Let it never be said that you do not know how to enjoy your life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but forgot to mention, when I saw your first picture my immediate knee-jerk reaction was OMG Sharon must be ill, her sample is on the beach with her!!!

Anxious of Leeds otherwise Mater x

Anonymous said...

Don't know what happened to my first comment but I can't have pressed the "send" key. Silly old Mummy!!!!!

My actual comment was that this blog was such a change from your usual get up and go - this is so peaceful and laid-back. Almost makes me want to take a nap in that delightful looking hammock.

Then I rechecked your site and sent the second ??????tea comment.

Confused in Leeds aka Mater x

Sharon said...

TG: Amen! (and thanks for your lovely and kind words).

Mater: LOL, if that was my 'sample' I'd be anxious too!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

I wasn't going to say this but my first reaction to the bottle in the sand was the same as your mums.

Anonymous said...

Must be our age Bill - we're so used to having to take a sample to the docs when we see him/her. Don't know about you but the docs seem to want a sample for EVERYTHING from a wart to a cold.

As I've said to you before Sharon, the joys of aging :-) Let joy be unconfined.

Mater x

meesh said...

The term "Heat wave", always brings to mind sweaty hot days in any English city and people dying of heat stroke left and right ... with a daily toll on the nightly news.

To top it off, I've got the cane burners in the field next door, so we are in for some Hawaiian snow tomorrow. Crikey, the championship final (with a cold beverage) comes not a moment too soon! Suddenly football has become extremely appealing :)

Mchumbie said...

I'd assumed that 'sample' was a beer bottle to cool down in the heat!
Meesh -good to know they won't be burning your cane in Feb/March when we hope to be back. Can I reserve that hammock??

Anonymous said...

How long since you left the old country Meesh and "people dying of HEAT STROKE"??????? What is heat? Not sure we up here in Yorkshire know that term when applied to the weather!

I watched the match but dare not comment as I am in danger of losing my daughter if so much as a whisper passes my lips.

Mater x

P.S. good verification word in connection with the above VYELLA - well, it made me smile:-)

Garden Geezer said...

Once again you and I seem to be living parallel lives in different places. I often say to myself "How did a lad from Owdham end up living a great life in a place like this?" Kinda makes you feel sorry for all the people we went to school with who never ventured forth doesn't it?
All the best to you,
Paul GG