Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 4th celebrations.

What better way to celebrate July 4th than to dress like Germans and celebrate Ulli's 4oth birthday?!

"Looks like the beer fest turned into a queer fest" was Ulli's quote of the night. Here we have the Lufthansa flight attendant showing the St.Appalling girl how ze Germans fly ze planes.

The flags were flying.

Even the Berlin Wall showed up, West in the front, East in the back!

The Heffeweisen and Jagermeister were flowing and there were plenty of beer girls in the garden (most of them drinking not delivering the beer), it was every German for himself in that department.
We're a camera shy bunch.

Our host and hostess.

The morning after the night before, Ulli realizes life really does begin at 40!


Anonymous said...

I must say you lot really do enter into the spirit of the thing - you make lovely Germans. Out of interest, why a German-themed party, is that where Ulli comes from?

That last photograph is a cracker -it really sums up a 40th birthday party.

Mater x

Sharon said...

Mater: You are correct, Ulles is 100% pure German -hence the theme.

Mchumbie said...

You all obviously had a great time.
Wonderful photos, Sharon, esp GP and Darian dancing. Also the birthday boy and Meesh, both looking 100% German!

Meesh said...

Twas a very fun night and we are recovering well :) Shaz, when do you leave for CO?

Anonymous said...

OMG Meesh, I'm surprised you're recovering - from your photographs it looked as though it would take at least a week. What stamina!

Mater x