Sunday, July 19, 2009


Our next destination beckoned and as we blazed by Ralph Lauren's Double RL Ranch (above) we reached Telluride by lunchtime and snagged our campground spot, #19 abutting the babbling river. “Let's pitch the tent later guys, it's time to go and rent bikes” said Michael, no argument from us girls on this one! At the mountain base by the free Gondola we lathered on free sunscreen and drank some free water before loading ourselves and our bikes into the vertically moving capsules.

"Say cheese".

I was becoming a broke-back record, "OMG it's so beautiful" or "unbelievable" or "this is absolutely stunning" or "you've got to be kidding me" or "so lovely" were (by this stage) so overused I was boring myself. But people look at that view.... "unbelievable"!

What a blast we had flying down the single-track trails with their gaping vistas and abundant aspen groves. From the woods we'd burst on to this famous mountains winter ski runs, resplendent in their green summer grass attire, it was like seeing them at low tide.

Canada geese heading.........well I'm guessing to Canada.

Mountain Village provided rest, iced coffee and cheap child entertainment.

As the clocks don't change in Hawaii we don't get the benefit of the long summer nights that I enjoyed in Colorado. Constantly tricked by the light, I felt like a kid who was getting to stay out well past her normal play time, 'twas heaven.

In case you were wondering "are those rumors about the Colorado wild flowers true"......yes ma'am they are.

Arriving back at base camp dirty and happy, we pitched our tent and duly rode right back into town without a wash or a change. We ate a fantastic dinner (outside, you'll be glad to hear) and Michael did a great pitch job by giving away our last piece of pizza. After duly inspecting the one lonely slice of Margarita, the lucky winner picked up her prize and walked out of sight around the corner. Our triumph was short lived as she then proceeded to dump the tasty triangle into the trash (little did she know inch high private spy Lehua was watching)! And who says there's no such thing as a free dinner?

Dessert anyone?

One of the Alta Lakes.

Telluride trails have a little marker on them indicating bikers, hikers, skiers and dogs are all welcome. That's terrifically refreshing from the 'no no no' mentality that is pervasive in the Islands. There are 'pick up' stations along the scenic pathways in case you forget your dog poo provisions and I didn't see one piece of litter on any of the trails we ventured onto, or in town. There's a consciousness here that's been set by the residents giving a friendly 'thumbs up' to everyone, along with an unspoken agreement requesting that you play well with others and respect the land...and it works. Nice recycling job.

On our last morning after de-camping we squeezed in one more ride and then reluctantly turned in our bikes. Our two day adventure was an ongoing visual monkey swing from one glorious view to the next. Michael was the consummate social director and Lehua an easy going and adventurous romping companion. As for me........Veni, vidi, apprezzato....I came, I saw, I appreciated.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a trip and a half - lucky you. How refreshing to see such scenery for a change which is just as beautiful, but in a totally different way, to Maui.

Please explain your comment about the Colorado flowers.

Mater x

meesh said...

Great to see you and your pics last night Shaz! You really had a great time and it shows! Lovely pics.

Mchumbie said...

Great pictures Sharon. Those mountains are amazing. Looks like you had a fantastic trip - and then you get to go home to Maui!

Sharon said...

Mater: Everyone talks about the wildflowers in the Summer in CO, so It was a mere authentication comment.

Meesh:Great to see you buggers last night, thanks for me tea!

Mchumbie:I know.....I'm spoiled rotten!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation. No idea what the wild flower photograph is but it looks more as though it would be an expensive house plant in England.

Mater x