Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family day at the lake.

Short of toys, Floyd and Michael are not. Today it was the boats turn to bring us all joy.

Floyd officially has 'hat hair'.

Me & Michael showing pre ski confidence.

Jiminy cricket hopped on board for a rest.

Speed is not my thing, but being at the helm of the boat on a wide open empty lake was definitely a thrill.

Lehua has her first taste of water skiing and got it in no time at all.

Having not skied in 22/23 years it showed, but we were all equal fodder for a good laugh.

Unclear if Steve is being extremely cool or about to go down (my guess is the latter).

Steve and Lehua cooling off.

The boys relaxed as our eleven year old pilot took us home.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Water skiing on a calm lake is a pleasure like no other. Enjoy yourself. I am guessing that Hawaii does not have many lakes suitable for skiing.

Anonymous said...

My admiration for your skills knows no bounds - I had no idea you could water ski or even "drive" a boat!
Looks like you're having a super time with the boys and how Lehua has grown. She must be quite happy to have female company amongst all those handsome men but you look as though you're thriving!

Like mother like daughter :-)

Mater x

Michelle said...

Trot on Shaz :) great performance!

cammar said...

I just had to click on that water ski photo... you look very calm and relaxed!