Sunday, July 12, 2009

Durango days.

My digs (above) are amazing and I'm defiantly living the good life on my friends horse ranch.

I feel calm and tranquil here. For a visitor that doesn't have to clean the tack room, help move the manure hill, buy the supplies, check on the brood mares, exercise the bull, move the cattle, feed the ducks/geese and daily move 50 bales of hay to feed the horses, it's a dream vacation!

During these first few days I've had some powerful upwellings of pure joy and it made me realize I'd come to Durango with expectations. Even though I know better (keep your expectations low) I'd imagined that I would have those feelings, but I no idea they would come with such intensity and consistency. This view is from a hike up in the Aspen groves and looks down onto the ranch below.


After a morning hike, an amazing lunch and an afternoon nap (for me) it was time to saddle up. Chico is the gentlest of their horses and perfect for a newbie like me. We wandered up hills in thigh high grasses spooking deer and chipmunks alike. "Lets gallop" said Michael "I'm not sure about that I replied", "It's way easier than trotting" he said and with that we headed into a small arena. With my helmet on, Chico took off and I have never felt anything like it. In that first moment of speed I got why people love to ride. There was such grace and connection that I teared up and did it again and again and again (both the galloping and the crying)!

Explaining myself to 11 year old Lehua later, she quizzed me "did you gallop or lope"? Bloody hell, I thought, in my imagination I galloped like the wind, but now I'm guessing I loped...what ever that is?! I'm sure when we ride again she'll whiz by me in a blur and demonstrate my options!

Coors Light and a game of pool anyone?

Yes, that's me with two left feet doing the dreaded western dancing-praps if I get a Cowboy hat I can hide my shame under it and loosen up a bit more?


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Ah, Colorado, Coors Country. Chico soulds like my kind of horse. I grew up around a lot of horses but am not a horseman. I do know there sre many different gaits that a horse can do. My cousin had a "Tennessee Walking Horse" that rode like a rocking chair. Thanks for the pictures, you are in a beautiful place, just west of Oklahoma. Drop by and say hello.

cammar said...

Nice photos.
First one: are those peppers or some kind of dreadful sausages?

Anonymous said...

Hey well done you - two new accomplishments already - horseriding and dancing. Have you learned to shout Yahoo yet?

I have to say you look, to my rheumy old eyes, most professional on the horse - as if you'd been riding all your life BUT where's your helmet?

Mater x

Sharon said...

TG:a "Tennessee Walking Horse" that rode like a rocking chair, I almost have a sense of how that must have felt!

Cammar: Peppers all the way.

Mater: Gave my helmet to the photographer as it's not the most attractive of headgear.

Anonymous said...

Had another look at the blog of Durango and know what the final picture reminds me of - a scene from Thelma & Louise. Take care when out driving, stick to the roads, to ensure that you don't go over the edge of a canyon!!

Worried Mother from Leeds......