Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy campers.

“Tents arrived', yelled Michael and with that Lehua and I packed our bare necessities and headed out onto the San Juan Skyway for a few nights camping,

Heading up the scenic road to Silverton, we stopped at the old Stream Train and asked Casey Jones for his picture.

Father and daughter enjoying lunch by the river.

We headed up out of Silverton on the Alpine Loop to Animas Forks. These old mining towns have tons of character and you can't help but ponder the difficulties they must have endured in the early 1900's, as journey in 2009 in the luxury of a Range River was not exactly an easy one!

If these were Chalets instead of mining ruins I'd swear I was in Europe.

After the beauty of our 11,200ft vista with it's rolling green hills, rushing waterfalls, pockets of snow pack and wild flowers I thought we'd peaked for the day in the visual department. "You've got to be kidding me?" I said as we headed down the Red Mountain Pass. Not yet getting it, I kept my mild cynicism to myself when Michael told me we'd soon be entering “The Switzerland of America”, bloody hell, wrong again! The setting for the town of Ouray was unbelievable and totally worthy of it's cheesy label and while we checked on the local camp grounds, concrete platforms for our tent and clothing optional hot springs didn't fit our picture of a family summer camp.

However, we struck gold at Ridgeway and after our camp fire dinner, Lehua entertained and educated us by reading from “Why go dogs do that?"

You can take the man out of Durango.......

Check SpellingWildlife at it's best, Chipmunks rule.


Lano said...

looks like Broke Back Mountain country!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

This is really beautiful country. In 1985 I had a friend who had a friend who was trying to sell an old miners cabin in Bonanza Colorado. Under the pretext of being a potential buyer we drove out there for a 5 day weekend. The cabin was falling down, no lights, no water other than a community pump, outhouse with some of the boards missing - it was great! We did some simple cooking in the wood cook stove, hiked around and took lots of nice pictures - gasped for breath. It is very near the continental divide - 9500 feet. Thanks for the photos.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having a whale of a time. What totally breathtaking scenery - bet you're glad that cameras don't need film and you can click to your heart's content:-)

F & M are totally spoiling you, lucky girl.

Mater x

Rayburn said...

When I looked at the first picture..I was wondering if you went to Switzerland! :)

Sharon said...

Lano: So I'm told! Must be time to see that movie while the images are still fresh.

TG:It's amazing to me these places are still standing given the harsh winters. There were photo's of the families who had lived in the cabins and as I wondered through their homes (dilapidated but sturdy- if you get my drift) I felt mildly intrusive.

Wouldn't It be great to know what the actual buyers did to the cabin you stayed in?!

Mater:You're right about on all three counts.

Alex: Me too, "I feel like I'm in Europe" was all I could say!

Lim said...

Love the pics!! Soooo western !! Colorado... my other favourite place after Maui !