Friday, July 10, 2009

First day of vacation.

"On the road again......just can't wait to get back on the road again" ahhh the joys of paradise. Only one thing wrong with this picture, I'm supposed to be in Durango! Unforeseen circumstances cancelled my 10:40pm flight last night and at 1:30am I gratefully climbed back into the clean sheets of my own bed, that I'd so thoughtfully prepared for my return.

Assuming they'd received last night's text's I called my friends in Colorado to explain further, just as they were driving into the airport to pick me up! Unbeknownst to me "delayed flight-will miss connection" and "flight canceled will call in the 'am" were sent to an inoperable phone. "No prob, we had reservations, so we'll just go to lunch without you" they said, "see you tomorrow". Then I then called my Maui friend Cheyenne and off we went to breakfast!

Post breckie I found myself in the wonderland that is Mele Ukulele.

You find an Uke you like and hand it to this handsome gent, Uncle Peter who plays it with love and lets you hear if it's a match for you. Here's a nice youtube clip I found of him.

2:00pm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Your friend Uncle Peter plays a mean ukulele. I can't help but wonder why a person who lives in paradise needs to take a vacation. I guess everybody needs a change of scene occasionally. Have fun.

Sharon said...

TG: It's always good to leave as it's fun to travel & see new places. Plus, it heightens my appreciation for Maui which is always a joy to return to.

Anonymous said...

At last I get to see Cheyenne - a Mater's thanks for rescuing Daughter Dear.

Hope you've finally made the trip to see Floyd and Michael and I'm sure there's another booking for you. Have a lovely holiday.

Mater x

Mchumbie said...

At least when you were stranded you still had your bags with you, unlike Gordon and me, when we were wearing borrowed clothes on one Maui trip. Hope all is resolved now - have a good trip.