Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Remember the glacier from earlier? Well here it is up close and personal. This is Diavolezza mountain and one of the ski areas in the upper Engadin.

As we rode in the cable car to the top (roughly 10,000ft), we got a birds eye view of what's left of a portion of the glacier and it's protective summer blanket.

As the glacier forms the base for the ski season, it is a precious commodity. Renata remembers when this strip was fully connected to the main mountain and therefore skiing occured well into the summer. I found myself feeling sad for this dying giant of nature.

You can see the start of the ice just to the right.

What can I say about my English speaking star of a tour guide, other than a bloody great big "danka".

And here's yet another way to ascend another extraordinary area of the mountains. This cable car pulls you straight up (and down) to a magnificent brilliant and beautiful vista. There is of course a stunning restaurant at the top and hiking trails that lead quickly off into the wilderness.

Ta-daaaa! As this was my last day it was a perfect destination as I could look down the Engadin Valley and see lakes of St.Moritz, Champfer and Silverplana that had been my playground all week.

A light snack for one! We specifically rode to the small village of Spinas, strictly for the juvenile amusement of the name.

Told you!

And while we're on that topic, while the Swiss are not known for their sense of humor, this sign for the Ladies......

....and the Gents, really made me chuckle.

Then just like that I was back in the old smoke and making my way back from one home to another. If I could have extended my stay in both countries I would have, but responsibility called and thank god I live in a place I love, with a job I dig and have a community that loves and supports me. Otherwise I'd might have had to pack up and move to Switzerland!


Leedslass said...

The glacier looks like corrugated paper, rather than ice. What gorgeous views - my guess is to really get it you had to be there.
Funny ladies and gents signs - haven't people got good imaginations? Unlike the child-like humour of the bull - would that have been a piece of your lunch by any chance?
It's good to travel but also nice to be home. Just think of the fun of planning again in a year's time where you'll finish up? Just make sure you start off in Leeds:-)

Mchumbie said...

Any time you want to add Devon to your itinerary just let us know! Not quite up to Swiss scenery, but not too bad.

Anonymous said...

You can see the start of the ice just to the right.

To the left Honey, the left...

Sharon said...

Leedslass: Some of the corrugated bits are crevasses and yes, of course the Spinas was a bit of lunch!

Mchumbie:Be careful what you wish for, next year I could be posting pici's of me and Gordon in his greenhouse!

Anon: Exactly-the other right!

Mchumbie said...

No problem, Sharon, we have 2 chairs in the greenhouse!