Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Good grief, where to begin?

From the UK I headed to Zurich and then took the scenic 3. 3/4 hr train journey up to the Engadin Valley. In a little village called Champfer just past St.Moritz live my friends Oly and Renata and having done zero research, I had no expectations as to what I'd find. But as they are top peeps and live in a place where nature dominates, I knew I couldn't go far wrong.

I kid you not this was the view from the train.

Stunning picture postcard stuff.

On my first full day I awoke to a beautiful blue sky in the majestic Swiss Alps and it was quickly decided we should go stand up paddling at Silverplana. Having attached (I thought) my GoPro camera to my paddle, it was a perfect morning to catch the wonder of it all. Yet 10 minutes in, I looked down to find the GoPro gone...lost somewhere in the lake. I should have been pouty, but we were the only people out on perfectly glassy water which reflected the view and doubled the awe and joy I felt. As we reached the end of the lake a south wind picked up giving us a perfect push for a downwinder back to the surf club.

Time for a spot of lunch.

In front of a bloody glacier, holy ice cap batman!

And at the end of an incredibly wonderful day, the only thing to do is enjoy the local Engadiner beer, prost!


Leedslass said...

Wowee, no wonder you loved the Swiss part of the holiday. Everything looks absolutely pristine (and Olly's not bad either). Two totally different holidays in one break this year - tweeny on the first, pampered pet on the second - I'll try not to "use" you so much in 2012 so your Leeds break can be a little more relaxed. Mind you, when the time comes I shall doubtless have found a ton of little jobs that really do need your sole attention.

Alex said...

Girl I live now in Switzerland!!!
What's your plans?
Give me a call 079 957 48 26
I'm trying to organize myself as we have 3 days off. Let me know if you would like to meet!
I live on the lake of Neuchatel, close from Yverdon. 30min from Lausanne.

Sharon said...

Ma: Pristine hit's the nail on the head, 'twas fabby.

Alex: Already back on Maui I'm afraid, but wise choice to live in such a stunning country.