Friday, September 16, 2011


Making myself right at home (as you do) I borrowed Renata's kit, bike and husband as my personal tour guide. "Let's go for a tootle" I said to Oly, cautioning "nothing too radical" and as we left their house riding on the flat around the lake I couldn't have been happier.

"Just take it easy" he said, as we started to climb with a solid slow cadence and headed away from the watery mirror and into the mountains.

It's one thing to passively see the Alps, it's another to get stuck in and play on them. I'd like to say I'd stopped to admire the view, but the incline finally pulled me off the bike.

All the effort was worth it however, because with every twist and turn I was presented with a visual Swiss fantasy that properly blew my mind.

See what I mean?

Water break perfection.... wait, this is.

And if water's not your thing, how about a cheeky nip of Grappa at the half way point in your ride, let me tell you I'd earned it and was tempted.

Instead we opted for the most amazing cup of tea, hazelnut cake that made us "omg" out loud and a view that was picture postcard perfect. Like a mirage in the desert, this little chalet seemed to me to be in the middle of nowhere and in my wildest dreams I could not have come up with a more idyllic pit stop.

Tea and cake eye view.

What a day and I didn't even show you the cows with their fringes and bells who kept us company along the way *sighs contentedly*.


Leedslass said...

I can quite see why you want to go back next year. How lovely to get such a thrill out of somewhere you weren't really bothered about seeing - so much better. My only gripe is it puts Roundhay in the shade - the Lakeside Cafe outlook comes in second best BUT remember the soup they serve...... I rest my case:-)

Alex said...
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Alex said...

You made great photos of my country :) I don't go often in the mountains...but looking at your photos it will definitively push me to do more so!
Actually missing 12 years of my country, I became this tourist that is rediscovering it's own country. I noticed that in 9 months I have been now here, I spent only 1 Sunday at home. And still, I have the feeling I didn't visit enough.. next year, my goal is to try to visit more Swiss lakes with my SUP (and kids of course). Second goal, to get myself a mountain mike and cruise with da boys into places we never went.. I had to live over a decade on paradise (Hawaii) to finally enjoy 200% my own country. Anyway, let me know if you come to the french side of Switzerland!! Aloha!

Sharon said...

Ma: There's no place like home.
Alex: Go North!