Friday, September 02, 2011


I had a good trog around Leeds and have decided the Town Hall is rather impressive.

As is the Civic Hall.

Of course all cities have their different personalities, but bloody hell this part looks like a scene from Oliver! The freakish thing being that I shot this from the main and throughly modern precinct.

I love these Leeds owl railings.

As you can see I popped in to the Damien Hurst exhibit and I can categorically say "I didn't get it". Call me old fashioned, but a sheep in formaldehyde and large photo's of pills produced nothing in me other than an internal "huh"? I like to be provoked into feeling something when I look at art.....anything, and this exhibit simply left a void where emotion should have been.

Not to worry, this cheeky moment outside the gallery did the job (you know you're in Leeds when.......)!

Segueing with green....I give you the mother of all tassels, which is only funny because just when I was sure no one purchased these any more my mother bought two for her new flat. Shocking!

Good lord.

Good one.

Good job!


Leedslass said...

Now I see why you were so horrified when I collected my new curtain tie-backs - luckily for you young lady I STILL love mine and am sure they will enhance the curtains when eventually fixed!

I haven't a clue where that "alley" shot is and I'm Leeds born and bred....

Lovely having you home, roll on 2012, thank you for all your unpacking skills.

john h, winter park, FL said...

Great blog. Found you a while ago through GPs maui surf report. Great pics and greater humorous descriptions. Many thanks for you efforts.

john h, Winter Park, FL

Sharon said...

Loved being home :-)

Thanks for the kind words John, stop by anytime!