Sunday, August 28, 2011


You know you're in a small village when you walk into the local pub with a glass in hand and say "Excuse me, I'm having Sunday lunch with my bro a few doors down and wonder if I can get a pint of Guinness to go with it?". The old geezer standing at the bar didn't miss a beat and said to the barman "it's alright, she's Red's sister - I saw you in here the other night having a half". " Crikey and I thought I lived in a small place. "And you are"?, I asked curiously, turns out he's my neighbor which explained everything.

Let me tell you, that Guinness and my homemade Sunday lunch were bloody marvelous.

No Sunday lunch is complete without a good walk afterwards, so we took off on a ramble though the fields to see the locals.

Here's one of them and how cute is she?

Afternoon con trails.

I noticed these beets left on a wall and asked a courgette and lettuce laden woman "wazup wit dat"? Turns out the veggie growers at the local allotments leave excess produce they don't want on the wall for anyone who does. In the same vein when I came back from my walk, I found a bag of gobsmackingly delicious cherry tomatoes on my door step, courtesy of Jackie the jam lady (pub geezers Mrs.). Digging the veggie love.

Our bearded lady of the washing line.

And finally, are there are no manors in the animal kingdom? Talk about a free lunch, look at this cheeky chappy scaring away all the cute little birds, no wonder my bro has to top his feeders up so much!


Leedslass said...

It looks as though Red is hanging his washing out wearing a kagool!
Nice pictures and vegetables!

Meesh said...

Emmerdale! What do residents do for "action" Shaz?

Sharon said...

Meesh: They go to St. Moritz!

cammar said...

Sharon, you're inspiring me to take plenty photos in Italy. And now that I have a small camera, I bloody will!