Saturday, September 17, 2011


As we ate ice cream and wandered through the charming and scenic village of Pontresina I spotted someones picture perfect washing hanging out to dry. "Remind me to snap that on the way back" I said, as we went for a wander around the beautiful Grand Hotel Kronenhof.

Awkward would accurately describe how I felt as I tried to surreptitiously snap some poor old ladies underwear. Not so Oly - as he walked boldly on to the lawn, "hey check this out-it's an art exhibit"!

Sitting at nearly 6,000 ft hydration is a must and pretty water fountains are everywhere.

This is Zernez, another stunning village in the Engadin. Renata was a mine of information explaining traditions, ecology, architecture, language and having lived, skied, snowboarded, telemarked, climbed, biked, hiked and bobsledded there she knows this place like the back of her hand.

The staggering thing about many of these buildings is that you go inside a restaurant or cafe and they are ultra modern. Slick, minimal and highly functional using local slate and stone alongside their contemporary furnishings and fixtures. It was incredibly appealing to my senses.

BOOM! As was this....and it only got better as when I rode up here I ran into a wedding at the tiny local village church.

I didn't know when I arrived that whis would turn into a mountain bike holiday. But with so much terrain on the doorstep and a fabby bike in the cellar, I rode four out of six days and could not get enough of the pristine scenery.

In all my tootling I did not see one piece of litter. That's quite extraordinary given the numbers that use all the pathways and trails, which are well signposted and activity is encouraged with (for example) free chopped firewood provided at the BBQ's. Use of the landscape is both nurtured and respected and I marveled at the simplicity of this healthy model that quite simply works. You have to applaud the Swiss, they know what they're doing and it bloody well works....the trick being as a guest in their country you simple match their high standard. Total genius.

Tea time again at yet another marvelous middle of nowhere lakeside chalet.

Nit-wit alert.

By this time I didn't have to ask "Oly, will you take my picture?" instead we'd just jump off the bikes. I'd pose and he'd snap-brilliant!


Leedslass said...

Swiss elderly ladies know something I don't as their underwear is nothing like this Leeds lass wears:-)

You haven't changed one jot, still playing up to the camera I see - good job you're so photogenic.
Beautiful pictures of you and the scenery.

Dave said...

Nice bike to have 'lying' around the cellar......looks like a tops trip

Sharon said...

Ma: Oh lordly TMI.

Dave: It had a pneumatic seat - I now need a floatly back door AND a new bike.

Leedslass said...

I'll buy you a "floatly back door" if only I knew what it was!