Tuesday, September 06, 2011


The primary reason for my visit this year was to help with the last push of unpacking from my Mum's recent move. Her new flat is beautiful and I was totally impressed by the 95% of work that had already been completed. The limited space of this lovely new home required aggressive culling on her part. It's not easy chucking away memories, so much so that as Mum said 'no' I said 'yes' and have ended up with five boxes to be shipped back to Maui!

All I can say is "thank God there's not room for any more stuff", because Mum does love her Amazon account. Customers who viewed this item may also like....the rule is "one in - one out"!

Of course home visit's are all about family and so here's my brother Red being polite and sitting on the tree chair his girlfriend bought him, which I think he preferred putting up - than sitting in.

Meanwhile, me and Red's girlfriend Liz relaxed and enjoyed our coffee from the comfy swing whilst laughing at my brother sitting awkwardly in said tree chair.

And finally, to make sure I really did leave Red dropped me at Manchester airport.....but not before charging a bevi to my room, cheeky git :-)


Leedslass said...

Doesn't my bum look big in that first picture and I don't remember you taking the second but I like the way I look like the efficient secretary I used to be.

I'll try to keep to the adage of "one in one out" but it could be hard - you're not here to nick anything to fill your home in Maui with mementos. Lordy me Sharon, you're going to have to have a hell of a cull when you get home.

Nice picture of you two with the Guinness and red wine - you can tell you're both your father's children - those drinks his faves.
Perhaps the drink on your bill was Red's charge for you using his home whilst you were in Leeds - just a thought!?

GW Bill Miller said...

wheuncThanks for the scoop on your mum's attractive new digs. She is a sweet lady and I'm glad you are looking after her.

Mchumbie said...

The new flat looks lovely Anne. Did the conch shells come all the way from Maui?

Leedslass said...

I've actually about five shells and, you're absolutely right Christine, the big conch did indeed come from Maui (much to my husband's horror). I/we bought it on the road to Hanna.

This new place is taking some getting used to as everything is in miniature but I'm cared for which is the real reason for the move.